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Final Fantasy 14 issued a statement alerting players that the introduction of Endwalker will expect to bring in record-breaking numbers of players. COVID-19 stopped Final Fantasy 14 from creating new Worlds to relieve the overcrowding. Instead, it was compelled to do everything it could to generate new instances and improve login capacity. And ensuring that paying customers had first dibs on the game.

Log in Difficulties

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Final Fantasy 14, the critically acclaimed MMORPG, offers a free trial that includes the whole award-winning Heavensward expansion. No restrictions on playtime until level 60. To safeguard the game from bots, spammers, and abuse, free trial users are subject to a number of restrictions. One of which is the inability to join login queues.

Free Trial

  • Final Fantasy 14’s expanding free trial – available in August of last year. Previously, the free trial only brought players up to level 35, which is roughly about the time when A Realm Reborn’s plot begins to get intriguing.
  • Many more players are on the free trial now than ever before, thanks to the fact that it includes hundreds of hours of free content.
  • While the policy of trial players being unable to join queues, this is the first expansion launch since the extension of free trial becomes available.

In the end, most players will benefit from this limitation. Final Fantasy 14 is a live-service game, that paying consumers are sure to be among the first to play. This also means that there will be fewer bots and RMT dealers on Final Fantasy 14 during the busiest early days of the game’s launch, which should bring some peace to the game’s player base.

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