FIFA 18 World Cup Update Is Crashing The Game And Here’s How To Fix It

FIFA 18 recently got its World Cup update on all the platforms.

Update: Missingno1990 got the game working on his main account by wiping his FIFA profile completely. The career/tournament saves can be maintained by loading data from the data management menu after creating the new profile.

However, the update seems to be breaking the game. A thread on /r/nintendoswitch has gained some heat over the last two hours, and it seems like many players have been facing issues after the update.

Reddit user Missingno1990 wrote, “Downloaded the World Cup update and went to start a World Cup and the game freezes upon starting a match”.

He tried rebooting his system, but the game crashes upon starting a match. The issue seems to occur both with World Cup and non-World Cup matches.

Reddit user ermis1024 wrote in a comment, “Fifa world cup update is out on switch! 5 minutes later: FIFA world cup update breaks the game. Wow, that didn’t last long”.

Another user yung_vlad247 wrote, “It is so broken that free packs that you earn for your normal ultimate team decrease your coins amount if you discard something from them”.

Adding to his post, Missingno1990 also verified many players facing issues with the Xbox and PC versions as well.

The World Cup update desperately needs fixes. EA might as well be working on the same.

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