The best goals from FIFA World Cup, Qatar
The best goals from FIFA World Cup, Qatar

The lights are dim, the screen is big and bright, Waka-Waka is playing at low volume, you have comfortably seated yourself on your couch, and you are watching FIFA 2022. Now isn’t that a dream come true? I know the atmosphere is energetic and full of thrill so let’s keep the ball rolling. Let’s look at the best goals so far in FIFA 2022.

  • The Knock-out stage is about to begin, so the entries for the best goals here will come from the group stage.

Ranking the best goals in FIFA 2022 so far

7. Marcus Rashford (England vs Whales)

England transparently made a strong entry into the group stage, turning Iran to dust with a 6-2 win. And then came the free kick from Marcus, and what a delight it was to watch as England scored a pretty impressive GOALLLL! Well, the English fans expect much from Marcus, so props to him for stepping up and scoring that awesome goal.

6. Hakim Ziyech (Canada vs Morocco)

An unexpected goal from an incredible match… Morocco is on fire this year. Whatever the reason may be, they are going to put on a good game without fail. Even though Canadian fans were hopeful about their team’s win, a recovery score from Hakim Ziyech crushed all hopes of Canadian fans. This was one of the most unexpected victories in FIFA 2022, making it part of our list of best goals.

5. Ronaldo (Portugal vs Ghana)

Ronaldo FIFA 2022
Image courtesy of Olympics

This was a nail-biting match for the Portuguese. Ghana has stepped out of its comfort zone and scored two goals against Portugal. But we were all relaxed, eyeing how naughtily Ronaldo was playing. The Portugal team was not tense at all. Great efforts from Ghana, though, but Portugal still emerged victorious. Whether Ronaldo will win Golden Boots or whether Portugal will again lift the Champions trophy is only a matter of time.

4. Enzo Fernandez (Argentina vs Mexico)

Did you read the name right? It’s Argentina, the team with a GOAT. And the GOAT is capable of miracles par explanation. You are not a true football fan if we still need to mention the player’s name. If such is the case, you broke my heart.

  • But in the game against Mexico, 21-year-old Enzo managed to score a goal for their country, and that too in some swag. Fans expected more from Argentina, and it was pretty shocking as Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia. But we are least concerned about that loss; we know who will be at the top.

3. Salem Al-Dawsari (Saudi Arabia vs Argentina)

I am forced to put this goal on number 3. The goal that Salem scored was a goal worth watching on repeat. His goal was a beauty – beauty at its best, and that too against Argentina. We have to praise you, fella. What you did will certainly help you go to the zenith of your career. Only one word can TRY to give justice to the goal, which is “screamer.” Words alone are not enough to describe the goal, so give it a watch and see for yourself!

2. Messi (Argentian vs Saudi Arabia)

Messi in FIFA 2022
Image courtesy of Sporting news

Tell me truthfully in the comment section: were you not expecting Messi in the top 3 list? Here he is, in second place. Also second in the race of Golden Boot, just behind Alvaro Morata. When has Messi ever scored a goal that isn’t a “screamer”? He scored against Saudi Arabia, but unfortunately, it was not the day for Argentina. They lost the game. Despite the goal being great, it was not enough to give his team a win.

1. Richarlison (Brazil vs Serbia)

Brazil is undeniably the team that is expected to put on a good show for its fans. And why will it not? Neymar Jr and Gabriel Jesus will ensure that their performance will make fans jump out of their seats.

  • In the 73rd minute of the game, Richarlison did something jaw-dropping. He hit a bicycle kick. Yes, you read that right! He did a bicycle kick and secured a goal for Brazil. It’s expected that fans were surprised. Some tweets reacting to the goal ask, “what have you done”?
  • This is the best goal so far in FIFA. Best in the sense that it came from an unexpected player in an unpredictable manner.
  • But, as I said, fans are least concerned about that match. Messi has managed to score quite a few goals in FIFA 2022. We won’t talk about them all because if we start talking about them, we won’t stop. LOL!

What the future holds

Allow me to speak the heart’s desire of all football fans. When will Portugal face Argentina? Will Ronaldo have a chance to go head-to-head with Messi? When will the two GOATS of football meet? These questions make the blood rush fast in the veins of football fans.

  • Knockouts are starting. The real thrill is going to begin. Hold your seats tight, and make all the preparations beforehand, as you would not want to get up in the middle of a match. Enjoy the remaining days of FIFA 2022 to the fullest!
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I expect fans to discuss in the comments section when they think the two will meet. Who do you think will win that match? Does Brazil have any chance of winning this World Cup? Feel free to cause havoc in the comments section!

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