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The biggest football tournament, FIFA World Cup 2022, is almost here but there is a sudden announcement that might shake things up for football fans. With just about 3 months left, FIFA organizers plan to apply abrupt changes to the already finished match schedules. Groups/brackets and their respective schedules were already announced back in April, but, with an unexpected change comes an unexpected movement in the totality of the event.

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There is a long-running tradition in FIFA World Cups wherein the host country is headlining the very first match of the tournament.

However, the event organizers of FIFA World Cup 2022 did Qatar (the host) dirty. Deviating away from the tradition, Qatar was scheduled as the featured team in the third match of the opening day (November 21, 2022). The showrunners may have realized their mistake by making major moves to reschedule Qatar’s first matchup.

FIFA Qatar Players
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  • According to The New York Times, a proposal has made sent to the governing bodies of FIFA World Cup 2022 which will make Qatar the headline of the event. They plan on moving the country’s matchup a day ahead, changing it from November 21 to November 20.
  • If this pushes through, Qatar will be facing off against Ecuador on the day mentioned. This may not sound very difficult but this would indirectly cause a toll on the event as well as the fans. They did, however, had 12 years to plan all of these. Could this change make the World Cup better or did it just make it worse?
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To most football fanatics, watching the World Cup with your own eyes is a million times better than watching it online or on television. These avid fans are mostly working people, thus they have to find a way to watch the event live. You might be forgetting that this year’s world cup will take place far from the northern hemisphere, where most football fans are located.

FIFA World Cup
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  • Despite all that, people will go to the extreme just to support their favorite team/nation. This means that they’re willing to sacrifice their time and money to take part in this wonderful sporting event.
  • With the sudden change in match schedules, fans who booked some games in the past might get shaken up by this movement. There are going to be a lot of modifications so keep posted on every FIFA World Cup news and updates.
  • If you haven’t purchased a ticket here, read more below to learn where and how to buy a ticket to the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Where and how can I purchase tickets?

Tickets are now available for First Come First Served sales period of Phase (2). The second phase of ticket sales started last July 5, 2022, at 11:00 CEST / 12:00 (midday, Doha time). Finally, it will end on August 16, 2022, at 11:00 CEST / 12:00 (midday, Doha time). To find out more about the ticketing options, follow the official website of FIFA.

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