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Scouting the best, young players is essential and important as having the best players. Here’s a list of names of the best young wingers in FIFA 22.


FIFA 22 brings the sport to more realistic gameplay and an innovative new season in every mode. This season, these promising young wingers may be a great choice (or addition) for your next (or maybe new) set of best players.

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Choosing the best wingers for your team may be a time-consuming task. So we’re making a list of the best young wingers in the huge pool of youth players, along with their value. Check it out below!


  • Vinícius Jr. (LW)
    • With a 91 potential rating and 84 OR, Vinícius is unarguably the best left-winger wonderkid in FIFA 22 from Real Madrid.
    • A huge €83.500.000 for the price of this young catch.
    • Moreover, the 21-year-old is one of the fastest players in the game with his 95 acceleration and sprint speed, 94 agility, and 92 dribbling ratings. Too good for his starting career, and maybe a great addition to your team too!
  • Ansu Fati (LW)
    • Ansu Fati, a 19-year-old from FC Barcelona, with a 79 overall, and 90 potential ratings.
    • Fati values €37.000.000.
    • Furthermore, his skills are no doubt high in percentage, with 90 acceleration, 89 agility, 87 sprint speed, and 82 dribbling ratings, respectively.
  • Darwin Núñez (LW)
    • The 22-year-old from Benfica may be your choice as he plays as ST or LW, with an 87 POT, and 76 OR,
    • Valued at €39.500.000.
    • Darwin is one of the fastest with his 91 acceleration, 89 strength, 88 balance, and 86 sprint speed. Perhaps, you need a versatile player for your team too!
  • Octavian Popescu (LW)

    • 19-year-old youngster from FCSB, Popescu has 86 potential and 72 overall ratings. There is still so much room to play and bring out the best in this youngblood.
    • In addition, he is valued at €5.500.000, and front-running with 84 agility, 82 sprint speed, and 81 acceleration, Octavian may be a strong competitor to be one of your wingers!
  • Luis Sinisterra (LW)
    • Running with Feyenoord, this 22-year-old has the potential to become one of the best for your team. With his 86 potential, and 79 OR, you might want to pick him.
    • Luis‘ 94 agility, 92 acceleration, 89 jumping, 87 balance, sprint speed, and dribbling, and valued at €35.500.000, may do the work for your judgment and possibly choosing him.
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  • Antony (RW)
    • The 22-year-old from Ajax earns rank 15 in the FIFA 22 Wonderkids, with an 89 potential rating, and 82 OR.
    • Moreover, Antony values €62.000.000, front-running 95 acceleration, 92 agility, and 91 sprint speed ratings.
  • Jadon Sancho (RW)
    • This Manchester United youngster is valued at €78.500.000 with 89 potential and 85 overall ratings.
    • Additionally, this 22-year-old young right-winger has 91 dribbling and agility, 90 balance, and 88 ball control ratings. A great addition to your team as he can play LW, RW, or even LM!

Ferran Torres (RW)

    • The Manchester City winger is valued at €58.500.000 with an 89 potential, and 83 overall ratings.
    • Further, Torres contributes with his 87 acceleration, 85 ball control, 84 dribbling, and 83 agility ratings, and can be used as an ST too!

Rodrygo (RW)

    • Rodrygo, a 21-year-old from Arsenal ranks 37th in FIFA 22 Wonderkids with an 87 potential, and 80 overall ratings.
    • In addition, he is valued at €42.000.000, with his 88 acceleration, 86 sprint speed, and 87 agility. Scoring two goals in 3 minutes’ time? You have to get him for your team.
  • Dejan Kulusevski (RW)
    • A 21-year-old from Sweden, Kulusevski has an 89 potential, and 81 OR, ranking 18th in Wonderkids of FIFA 22.
    • Adding, Dejan is valued at £50 million with ratings of 85 sprint speed, 84 curve, ball control and dribbling, and 83 strength.

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