FIFA 23 Twitch Prime Gaming rewards pack

Hey, players! Are any of you up for some rewards? If yes, well, FIFA 23 arrives soon, and that means we can expect the Twitch Prime Gaming rewards coming too! Wait, do you play EA’s FIFA? Because if you do, we’re glad to help you claim your FIFA 23 Twitch Prime Gaming rewards pack!

There are also Prime Gaming rewards up if you have a subscription, by the way. So stick around with us here to know more information on FIFA 23, the Twitch Prime Gaming rewards pack, and how to claim it!

FIFA 23’s Twitch Prime Gaming rewards pack

If you are interested in what the Twitch Prime Gaming rewards pack of FIFA 23 includes, we also are! We hate to break it to you, but unfortunately, the pack does not come out until September 30. We know that’s quite a long time to wait, but we can expect the first drop of the rewards pack in October.

  • Although, we guess you can take this as a piece of good news. Starting from the first drop of the rewards pack in October 2022, a monthly pack would be up for claiming until the release of FIFA 23 next year.
FIFA Twitch Prime Gaming rewards pack
Image Courtesy of Prime Gaming
  • We do hope that they are to follow the same rewards pack from FIFA 22! Or maybe they can surprise their players with more rewards for the following months prior to FIFA 23. If you are not familiar, here are the inclusions of the FIFA 22 Twitch Prime rewards pack. Do note that the rewards pack inclusions change!
12 Rare Consumable Items
A high-rated loan player (five-game loan)
Rare Gold Player Cards
Two 82+ Rare Gold Player Picks
  • The most recent rewards pack (Pack #11) in August only includes the following: 5x Gold Rare Players and one (1) 83+ OVR Player Pick.

Prime Gaming Pack 11

How to claim the rewards pack

The FIFA 23 packs have not yet arrived in Prime Gaming, but if you’re asking how to claim the packs for the FIFA 22, we got you covered. Just follow these easy step-by-step guides to claim your rewards now! Also, you can use these steps when the FIFA 23 rewards pack arrives!

  • The first step, you may want to visit the Prime Gaming website. For easier access, just click the link here. From there, link your Prime account with your Twitch account. Navigate to the Account button, then Link Twitch Account. Also, do link the Twitch account to your EA SPORTS account that you use to play FIFA (23).
Claim Prime Gaming 1
Image Courtesy of Prime Gaming
  • After all the linking of accounts, you may choose to head to the Twitch Prime button, or directly to FIFA 23 in Prime Gaming. But for now, we’ll direct you to go to FIFA 23 on Prime. For easier navigation, click this link.
  • From there, you may see the lined-up packs, and as of this writing, you can only claim Pack #11. Click Claim Now, and a pop-up window appears, it confirms you’ve successfully claimed your reward pack.
Claim Prime Gaming 3
Image Courtesy of Prime Gaming
  • The successful linking of Prime Gaming, Twitch, and EA SPORTS accounts are necessary steps, so do keep that in mind!
  • Have you claimed your Pack #11 rewards pack? We’re glad to help!

We can’t wait for the FIFA 23 rewards pack, we’ll keep you updated!

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You can also share any questions you have about FIFA 23 below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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