FIFA 24 Possible release date + Latest news

We have a lot of upcoming games for this year 2023. The gaming community may just be spoiled with all the games for different gaming devices. If you’ve followed Electronic Arts’ FIFA since its first installment, then read below as there are changes that may shock you. FIFA 23 dropped late last year making it the 30th installment of the said game under EA Sports. So here’s the possible release date and the latest news about the next FIFA 24 or should we say, EA Sports FC.

FIFA 24 release date

Did you know that FIFA 23 happened to be the last game of EA Sports and FIFA? The partnership ended last year, so should we still hope for a FIFA 24? To answer that, maybe. It may be the end of the FIFA and EA Sports tandem, but pretty sure EA Sports has a plan.

  • By that, we mean that they do have a vision for what to do next. There may not be a FIFA 24, but another football game to somehow replace FIFA arrives. EA Sports comes up with EA Sports FC.
FIFA 24 release date, ea sports
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  • As this upcoming game tries to fill up the gap in the FIFA game series, EA Sports dropped its possible release date. FIFA 23 dropped on September 2022, while EA Sports FC slates to arrive on September 29, 2023, a year after the 23.
  • As of this writing, EA Sports and FIFA decided to separate ways, no other news than that. However, there may still be a slight possibility of a FIFA comeback, but we can hardly see it with EA Sports. Let’s get into the latest news about FIFA 24, oh, the EA Sports FC rather.

Latest news

As of now, we can’t say if the FIFA series will look for another home, or probably go back to EA Sports. So while we wait if there would be future announcements on FIFA 24, let’s take a look into EA Sports FC for now. Electronic Arts already announced this upcoming football game after releasing 23 last year.

  • In the written statement, Cam Weber, EVP, Group GM EA SPORTS & Racing shared that a new era comes this July 2023. The most expansive (in EA Sports’ words) FIFA 23 had been the farewell installment of FIFA before EA Sports jumps into a new series.
FIFA 24, EA Sports FC
Image Courtesy of EA
  • For EA, nothing much may change except for the game title. People would probably continue to call it FIFA for a while, but pretty sure we’ll get used to EA Sports FC in no time. We hope we can more latest news on FIFA 24 soon!

Possible modes

An upcoming game meant leaks of what it could have, Sports FC has that rumors already. According to Twitter user @FUTZONEFIFA, there should be multiple modes to play on the game. There are eight modes currently in the works by EA Sports, you may refer to the Tweet below.

  • If the leaks are true, having an Online and Women’s Career Mode would possibly be the biggest change they can do for football gaming. Women’s teams in the game? Who wouldn’t love that, we hope to see more about EA Sports FC in the upcoming months.
  • Lastly, EA Sports shares that there are 300+ licensed sponsors across the game. Also, EA Sports includes that there are exclusive partnerships as well with Premier League, LaLiga, and Bundesliga among others.

We may bid goodbye to EA Sports and FIFA’s partnership, but surely this EA Sports FC offers something for fans to look forward to. EA shares, “Global football has been part of EA SPORTS for nearly thirty years – and today, we’re ensuring that it will be for decades to come.”

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SOURCE: Electronic Arts
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