FIFA: Golden Glove Winner Martinez, Controversial celebration explained

The Aston Villa Emiliano Martinez not only had the last laugh, but he also had the last mock in the last FIFA World Cup finals. As the match raged on with Messi’s ominous presence against France, the latter replied back with Kylian Mbappe’s historic World Cup hattrick. But what concerns people the most is the now World Cup Golden Glove winner Martinez’s controversial celebration. Why did he do it?

What is Martinez’s controversial celebration of his Golden Glove Award?

Martinez Golden Glove controversy
Martinez’s controversial celebration, image courtesy via getty images
  • At 30, Martinez played perhaps one of the most crucial roles throughout the World Cup in defending Argentina’s honor. Whenever anyone went one-on-one with him, he would make sure to leave a crude smile coupled with other mind games.
  • He would do that after his glove, feet or head reached the curvature of the ball. As such, people may have started calling his behavior out on social media platforms.

Heck, it may even have gone bypassed had he not taken his trophy and shoved it in his groin area. What then appeared to be a mockery was directed toward the larger masses sitting in the stadium.

His photograph was clicked and has spread throughout much social media handles ever since. Martinez has been minded for his taunts and usual display of mockery throughout the World Cup matches.

Is the Golden Glove being pushed in Martinez’s Controversial Celebration worth it’s due?

FIFA WORLD CUP Martinez Controversial celebration
Martinez with his golden glove trophy, image retrieved via getty images

It helps to bear in mind that his quarter-final performance against the Netherlands has been hailed as phenomenal. Seconding that is only his performance in FIFA World Cup Finals.

The goalkeeper was ferocious once again in defending Argentina’s World Cup Legacy. But the question begs if what he did with that esteemed Golden Glove trophy was worth what he achieved.

Multiple curiosities arose when Martinez’s Controversial celebration picture reached social media. One such curiosity came from the La Red Radio who approached the goalkeeper. In his defense, he simply said the following

I did it because the French booed me. Pride does not work with me.

Messi is the goat of football
image courtesy of @f5_futball in Twitter

If asked whether this is Martinez’s first phallic representation of a world-revered and sought-after Football trophy, the answer that would come back is no. Martinez’s controversial celebration in FIFA World Cup Finals is barely his first. And we expect it won’t be his last either.

He had done something very similar after he achieved the goalkeeper of the tournament trophy In Argentina’s 2021 Copa America victory.

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