FIFA: World Cup 2022 Morocco beats Spain – Bono Man of the Match

Morocco beats Spain at the FIFA 2022, Bono awarded man of the match

Oh my God! Did you see all the exciting things that went down in the match between Morocco and Spain?! After Morocco beat Spain, Bono (AKA Yassine Bounou) was crowned the Man of the Match. I am honestly still reeling from hearing the news of such an intense match. Who wouldn’t feel the same way if the former world champions got defeated in the World Cup? Sure, anything is possible. But who beat the former champions is the most interesting part here. Let’s get into it.

Long story short

Let me put it in simple words for you “Spain (former world champions) are out of FIFA World Cup 2022″. That’s the end of it. Though both teams failed to score goals against each other, it was the penalty shoot-out that decided the fate of Spain. There is one guy who is in the highlights and he deserves it: Yassine “Bono” Bounou. With that fantastic save, he’s very deserving of being the Man of the Match!

If you were unable to catch the miracles he did on the ground yesterday, you can easily find highlights of it on YouTube! Spain suffered a devastating defeat from Morocco and it’s all thanks to Bono, the Man of the Match. The goalkeeper named Bono gave it his all and I guess it’s fair to say that he grabbed the bull by the horns. After grabbing its horns, he reduced it to dust for good measure.

The match between Spain and Morocco will go down in football history, that’s for sure. Some fans are now rooting for Spain, saying that Morocco’s rise to the ranks is a “good underdog story.” Because of this, they are supporting Morocco for the rest of the tournament.

A closer look at what happened

I am not exaggerating when I saw that the whole world expected Spain to win the match. With how they’ve been faring so far in the tournament, even the Spanish players felt confident they had this match in the bag. But things took a turn for the worse for Team Spain when the match started.

  • It looked like the Moroccan players drank a luck potion before entering the field. They had the opportunity to hit the first free-kick of the match. Unfortunately, they missed and the audience was certain the game was in Spain’s favor. Aside from the luck potion, it looks like the gods were smiling down on Team Morocco for this match.

  • Spain’s players got a few chances to score but sadly, they weren’t able to make any of them. Some of their shots hit the side net while some landed directly in the hands of Moroccan goalkeeper, Yassine “Bono” Bounou.
  • In the second half, Moroccon players were looking for one moment of magic, all they yearned for was; one goal, but failed to turn that into reality.

What prevented Spain from scoring

Bono - man of the match (Morocco)
Image courtesy of Daily Star

Even before the penalty shootout, Spain got several chances to break Morocco’s defense and score a life-saver, but our man Bono… I don’t know what kind of luck potion he drank that day but he was magical in that match. Spain was just inches away from a winner, but the wall named Bono stood between Spain and that W.

How things came down to the Penalty shootout?

If today I overemphasize Bono, it’s all for a good reason. With the last kick of the match, the teams went to their sides, and you know now what happens when the score is 0-0. The fate of both teams lies in the hands of the penalty kick.

  • When players on the field start lining up for the penalty kick, that’s when fans usually feel this emotion called nervousness. The desperate need to win and the gut-wrenching fear of loss manifested on the faces of the players of both teams.

The Penalty Shoot Out

Morocco: Penalty 1: Morocco dispatches a beautiful goal.

Spain: Penalty 1: Spanish player hits the post.

Morocco: Penalty 2: The number 7 from Morocco hits a majestic goal at the center of the net.

Spain: Penalty 2: Spanish Number 19 hits a low-energy goal, and Bono comfortably saves it.

Bono helped Morocco beat Spain
Image courtersy of GQ Buzz

The second kick from the Moroccan player shouted trouble for Spain. The faces of the players looked like their souls are about to leave their bodies, their expressions so out of this world. Imagine a man thirsty for days; asking for water in the middle of the desert and praying to a higher being for a miracle.

Now… the final goal for both sides.

Penalty 3 (Morocco): Spanish Goalkeeper saves it.

The Final Kick

And now the final kick from one of Team Spain’s players. He walks slowly so as to confuse the goalkeeper, and hits a low shot. All hopes for Spain to advance to the next round disappeared when the ball was caught by Bono. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how a star was born.

Morocco hands Spain a bitter loss and with that, Bono is recognized as the Man of the Match!

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