FIFA: World Cup 2022 – Reason why Cristiano Ronaldo did not start against Switzerland

Well, things are getting hot between Cristiano and his coach Fernando Santos, and if they continue in this manner, Portugal will have to pay the price. It’s unclear what exactly happened, but the decision to send Ronaldo to the bench in the match against Switzerland appears to come from his coach. But what the heck? This is Ronaldo’s last World Cup, so what’s happening? Let us take a look as to why Cristiano Ronaldo got benched in their match against Switzerland.

Why Ronaldo got benched in the match against Switzerland


There is a handful of reasons why Ronaldo could not cross Portugal’s starting line. Football fans assume it is because of his attitude toward his coach in the previous match. His coach expressed disappointment regarding his temperament in the last game, and this is a possible reason why this controversial thing happened.

Christiano Ronaldo benched in the match with Switzerland
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In Ronaldo’s place was 21-year-old Goncalo Ramos. If you have been keeping tabs on the Portugal football team, Ramos made his international debut as a forward just a few weeks ago. 

The history between Ronaldo and his coach

Another story that sounds more legit and possible, but is directly connected to the first story, is during Portugal’s match against Korea. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner retaliated against his coach after he was substituted in the middle of the match. Much to the disappointment of fans, Portugal couldn’t overpower the team from the East Asian team.

  • A lot of fans of Team Portugal believe that if Ronaldo wasn’t substituted, it would have been a sure win for them. Since a lot of football fans consider Ronaldo the GOAT, he may have very well turned the tides during their match against Korea

Who is ultimately at loss?

As a result of getting substituted, Ronaldo reacted bizarrely toward his coach Fernando Santos. This is all according to what Santos has said and most likely where the mess began. Allow me to say that Santos took it way too personally. Because of a bruised ego, that sent Ronaldo to the bench. If such is the attitude Santos has toward his players, I bet, Portugal will have to pay a hefty price for his nonsense.

  • Fans will have to come to their senses, they will have to comprehend what exactly happened, and then support the one who follows righteousness, the one who thinks of the ultimate benefit of Team Portugal. And to my amazement fans did express some feelings, not towards Ronaldo or Santos, but towards the media. 

Let’s have a look at what people are saying regarding the Santos and Ronaldo issue.

What Fernando had to say about it

Fernando Santos talked about Cristiano Ronaldo benched in their recent match at a press conference. In Santos’ exact words, he said that “I didn’t like it, not at all. I really did not like it.” 

  • In our opinion, it looks like Santos took it personally. His decision to bench Ronaldo is very odd. Santos should also have known that when players are on the field, they are so focused in the game that sometimes, their emotions get the best of them. That seems to be the case for Ronaldo and Santos.
Ronaldo and his coach Fernando
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  • Players are undoubtedly worried about their team’s performance; this kind of reaction comes not only from players but also from the coaches. So there was absolutely no requirement of making such a decision that will cause unnecessary controversy. If your ego is hurt, that doesn’t mean you are allowed to send top players to the bench like what Fernando Santos did with Cristiano Ronaldo. What if his decision backfired? What if they had lost against Switzerland?

Ronaldo’s take on it

Here is what Ronaldo said in his favor. According to the GOAT himself, he was not frustrated at Santos. It was actually a Korean player who got on Ronaldo’s nerves. His reaction was a normal outcome after what the Korean player said to him. We’re certain that if it had not been a FIFA match, Ronaldo would get back at the player who tested his patience.

Besides that, fans need not worry about that match, Portugal won with a whooping 6-1 score against Switzerland. Goncalo Ramos made the first Hat trick of the FIFA world cup 2022. 

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I can sense the tension in the air with how unexpected games are becoming. Let’s hope for the best. Pray for your team, pray for your favorite player, and let’s see what fate holds. Let’s see what FIFA has for us.  

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