KSA Upsets Argentina

In an unexpected fashion, Saudi Arabia (KSA) stuns the whole world by upsetting Lionel Messi and Argentina, the heavy favorite to win the World Cup 2022.

Ranked 51st in worldwide rankings by FIFA, the Saudi Arabian national team held their ground against Argentina which is currently ranked at no.3 in the world. Argentina, who is led by arguably the greatest football player of all time, Lionel Messi, was left aghast after an upsetting loss at the hands of the Saudi Arabians, 2-1. Despite being a mediocre team, KSA managed to beat one of the best teams in the World Cup.

Is KSA handing Argentina their first defeat the biggest upset in football history?

The opening day of the Qatar World Cup was filled with some of the most shocking outcomes which could be forever etched in history. First, the host country, Qatar, lost against Ecuador during the opening game which was the first time where the host loses in an opener. Now, KSA heavily upsets Messi and Argentina’s run in this year’s World Cup – the greatest underdog story in football.

Lionel MEssi World Cup 2022
Photo Courtesy of NBC Sports

Beating a two-time World Cup champion and a serious championship contender is a great feat. Not only that, with their win over Argentina, Saudi Arabia made these incredible achievements:

  • Saudi Arabia cut Argentina’s 36-win streak. The last the Argentines lost was against the powerhouse team of Brazil back in July 2019, during the Copa America final.
  • Up until today, KSA has only won one game at a World Cup tournament. Their first win was in 2018 against Egypt.
  • KSA defeating Argentina is definitely one of the biggest upsets, if not the biggest, in World Cup history.
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How did Lionel Messi and Argentina lose to a scrappy Saudi Arabia team?

What seemed to be an easy matchup for Argentina turned out to be a complete disaster for the two-time world champions.

  • As expected, Lionel Messi brought the crowd on their feet scoring his first goal in this year’s World Cup. With this, Argentina led the game, 1-0, until Saudi Arabia did something fantastic.
  • If only Argentina held on to their lead and defended, it would have been a sure win, but it was not to be.
  • At the 48th minute, the KSA forward, Saleh Al-Shehri secured a goal for Saudi Arabia which tied the game 1-1. The Al-Shehri goal intensely pressured Argentina into defensive mode yet they still let another goal get past their defenses after Salem Aldawsari scored a goal from the corner five minutes later.
  • KSA held onto the lead, 2-1, which turned the game around and favored the Middle Eastern team to victory.
Saudi Arabia World Cup 2022
Photo Courtesy of CTV News
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One unsung hero who was a great factor for KSA’s win was Mohamed Al-Owais.

Al-Owais stood tall in defending the goal from Messi’s impeccable foot. Argentina had the chance to tie the game at the last minute but Al-Owais became a hero for Saudi Arabia by denying Julian Alvarez in the post.

Will this defeat tarnish Lionel Messi’s legacy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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