FIFTY FIFTY Keena Reveals CEO Jun Hong Joon’s True Character in Unearthed Messages

FIFTY FIFTY Keena Reveals CEO Jun Hong Joon’s True Character in Unearthed Messages

FIFTY FIFTY member Keena has revealed her text exchange with the ATTRAKT CEO Jun Hong Joon to show his true character amid the group’s ongoing dispute with the agency. The issues surrounding the girls and the company have taken different paths, and the latest is Sio, Saena, and Aran have already terminated their contracts.

However, amid the controversies, Keena chose to return to ATTRAKT after dropping her lawsuit against the label following the revelation that The Givers’ Ahn Sung Il influenced the members and their parents to file a case to terminate their contracts. Now, she has this to say to the company’s boss.

FIFTY FIFTY Keena’s Messages with CEO Jun Hong Joon Revealed

On October 23, Keena unearthed her messages with the FIFTY FIFTY CEO Jun Hong Joon on the messaging app, Kakaotalk. Here, she tried to show the executive’s real self amid all the issues surrounding them.

As translated by AllKpop, Keena revealed that the CEO kindly gave them an allowance that helped them “heal” during their practice. Amid their intense situation, they all had fun, taking photos, eating diet meals, and having conversations. She also said they promised to strengthen their bond as a group and prepare themselves for the coming week.

“Being together as four members has always given us strength and motivation, and we will continue to work hard until our debut,” she continued.

As the hyung or oldest member of FIFTY FIFTY, Keena also promised to pull herself together and work harder. Despite their shortcomings, she stressed they were grateful for the opportunities Jun Hong Joon had given them.

In his response, the CEO revealed it was good to see everyone having a good time and asked Aran, Sio, and Saena to lose three kilograms each to debut in great shape. Keena then promised they would maintain their weight and thanked Jun Hong Joon, who replied, “Become the best girl group in the world!”

“Dreams and pursuing that dream bring courage and resilience to those who do! Just like Admiral Yi Sun Sin’s 12 mighty warships, we are crossing the vast Pacific Ocean with four high-performance battleships and escort vessels. Moving forward and charging ahead, we fear no adversaries. Strength and effort, practice and talent, and the grace of God all contribute,” he advised.

FIFTY FIFTY Keena and Jun Hong Joon’s Messages Explained

Despite everything that has been said about FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT, Keena, along with the other members and CEO Jun Hong Joon, seemed to have a good working relationship. The unearthed messages just proved the professionalism between the two parties, with the label boss’ looking after his talents, giving them their allowance to spoil themselves in spite of the negative issues coming.

For starters, FIFTY FIFTY, composed of four members, Aran, Sio, Saena, and Keena, had been embroiled in a contract dispute after asking to suspend their exclusive contract with ATTRAKT in June. However, Keena’s decision to withdraw her appeal after changing her legal representative from Barun to Shinwon law firm took a massive turn to the controversy.

Though the timing of the release of Keena and Jun Hong Joon’s exchange of messages is quite questionable, the sincerity of the latter’s advice can still be felt. However, it is not revealed when these messages were made, but with the mention of their “debut,” it might have happened before they were officially introduced to the K-pop scene in November 2022.

Sure, the severity of the issue has not died down yet, but it is expected to slowly come to a close now that Sio, Saena, and Aran’s contracts have finally been terminated, which started on October 19. That said, many hope everything will end well for FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT, and the group will still be seen together despite the contract issues.

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