The PS5 support is the beginning of a new age for Final Fantasy XIV. FPS upgrades, 3D sound support, quicker load times, 4K support, New Trophies, and DualSense haptic feedback are all included in the freshly released Final Fantasy XIV PlayStation 5 version.

Square Enix has verified that the much-anticipated FF XIV Online Patch 5.55 is now available!

Final Fantasy XIV Online Patch 5.55

The Shadowbringers expansion added fresh features to the primary game. The update prepares the ground for the impending 5th expansion, Endwalker, which will bring the Hydaelyn and Zodiark narratives to an end on the 23rd of November.

On the PS Store, you can purchase the Final Fantasy XIV Online Complete Edition, Starter Edition, and Shadowbringers expansion pack. Players who already acquired the PS4 edition of Final Fantasy XIV can install the PS5 edition for free, while newcomers can try out the game for a free trial.

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Naoki Yoshida gave an official release highlight for Endwalker last February 5, which was the first time followers saw the expansion.

The Island Sanctuary was particularly memorable news for fans. This was hailed as a more relaxed and casual content that anyone could enjoy. It will most probably be similar to farming simulators such as Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley.

There isn’t much information available about this latest mode right now, other than that we’ll be in control of our very own island paradise. It’s also a venue where the gamer’s minions (collectible creatures) can stroll around freely and possibly complete work for you.

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