Final Fantasy 16: State of Play Showcase – What you missed

Final Fantasy 16 State of Play Showcase - What you missed - Featured

Final Fantasy 16 had its own State of Play showcase where it revealed a lot of exciting things to look forward to from SQUARE ENIX’s next release. The event that took place on April 13 showcased over 20 minutes of new gameplay footage that had us desperately wanting for June 23 to come sooner. Here’s what you may have missed from the Final Fantasy 16 State of Play showcase!

Final Fantasy 16 State of Play showcase gave us more than a glimpse of what’s to come

First of all, there are tons to unpack in the State of Play showcase we just got for Final Fantasy 16. The stunning visuals paired with action-packed gameplay was the perfect way to hype everyone up for its release that’s only a few months away. We got a good look at the game’s combat system and it looks like SQUARE ENIX is stepping away from turn-based combat for a while.

In the showcase, fighting against enemies shows our main character, Clive Rosfield, using a combination of attacks with his sword. Much to the surprise of most fans, SQUARE ENIX will be implementing real-time hacking and slashing. Clive also has a wolf-dog hybrid joining him on his adventures: Torgal!

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Throughout the game, our main character learns different skills after defeating the Eikons. We also learned more about the Eikons in the game.

  • If this isn’t your first rodeo with Final Fantasy, then you may not be a stranger to these beings.
  • Although each Eikon has a Dominant, the gameplay footage shows that Clive can wield the power of different Eikons. There are tons of possibilities to this, but it may be something we are bound to discover along the way.

  • Some fans suggest that we may encounter the other Dominants and have them battle it out with Clive. By proving to them that what he is doing is for the greater good (and not just for revenge), they may bless Clive with whatever Eikon power they have.

Eikons can battle it out in Final Fantasy 16

Although Clive has attacks based on an Eikon’s power, there will also be battles between the Eikons themselves! Not much has been revealed about this feature, but the footage alone is exciting.

  • On one hand, we have Ifrit engaging in a fight with Titan that seems like a pretty normal fight to have in Final Fantasy 16.
  • However, the fight between Phoenix and Bahamut is definitely on our list of fights we are looking forward to in the game.

There are tons of Dominants for Clive to encounter in the game. Here is a complete list of Eikons and who their Dominant is based on what we know about the game so far.

  • Ifrit – Clive Rosfield
  • Phoenix – Joshua Rosfield
  • Shiva – Jill Warrick
  • Ramuh – Cidolfus Telamon
  • Garuda – Benedikta Herman
  • Titan – Hugo Kupka
  • Bahamut – Dion Lesage
  • Odin – Barnabas Tharmr
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The game’s environment has lots to offer, including a base camp

Another highlight of the showcase was how players can explore the rich world of Final Fantasy 16. Although it does not have an open world map, there is plenty of things for players to enjoy as they embark on a journey with Clive Rosfield.

The segmented open environments of Final Fantasy 16 are filled with quests, enemies, and secrets for players to discover. While exploring, Clive will be joined by Torgal who can assist his master in all kinds of ways. Aside from beating enemies up, Clive can have Torgal guide him if ever he’s feeling lost in a certain area.

If you’re not in the mood to explore the world, you can always retreat to The Hideaway. Also called as Cid’s Hideaway, this is a place that serves as Clive’s base camp whenever he’s not out there trying to avenge his brother’s death. At The Hideaway, Clive can prepare for his journey or take part in different activities to let off some steam.

Take part in Chocobo Races or accept bounties.. there’s plenty of stuff you can do if you want to take a quick break from the game’s main story!

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The theme song for Final Fantasy 16 is from Vocaloid composer and singer

To end the State of Play showcase for Final Fantasy 16, Naoki Yoshida announced the artist for the game’s theme song. If you are familiar with a Vocaloid artist named Hachi, then you may recognize his work as Kenshi Yonezu.

The game’s theme song is called “Tsuki Wo Miteita – Moongazing”, and it definitely suits everything Final Fantasy 16 is all about. According to Yonezu who expressed his excitement after the reveal, “I never thought or imagined that I would ever receive an opportunity like this. I wrote this song especially for the game.”

We’ll get to witness Clive and accompany him as he grows up and embarks on a journey of a lifetime. Having the perfect theme song only makes us look forward to this game more.

Final Fantasy 16 releases on June 22, 2023, exclusively for the PlayStation 5. However, the game is also releasing on other platforms six months after its PS5 release. You can pre-order now to score exclusive pre-order freebies!

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What was your favorite moment from the Final Fantasy 16 State of Play showcase? Feel free to share with us and other gamers in the comments below! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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