Final Fantasy Titles have excited the community with its major title developments from Final Fantasy 7 remakes to Final Fantasy 16 announcements. Unexpectedly, Final Fantasy 16 won’t be open world, and its mature rating is quite different this time.

Final Fantasy 16

Earlier this month on the 3rd of June 2022, Square Enix released Final Fantasy 16’s Official Combat and Story Trailer. The community expected that the game will be an open-world RPG game. However, the game took an expected turn when Naoki Yoshida, the game’s producer, in a recent discussion with IGN.

The discussion includes Final Fantasy 16 won’t be an open-world RPG like its predecessor Final Fantasy 15. Instead, the design of Final Fantasy 16 will be based on areas separated by loading screens.

Screen Grab via IGN Youtube Channel

According to Yoshida and their extensive user research, the new generations are not interested or never played Final Fantasy, ever. The producer found the formula in the most recent popular RPG successful triple-A games in attracting the newer generations. In conclusion, however, Square Enix decided to stray away from the open-world format since “… an open-world design limits the game to a single open-world space…”. On the contrary, “… independent area-based game design can give players a better feel and a truly global scale”.

In addition, Final Fantasy VI will have a party member system. As Yoshida Stated, “Fighting won’t be a solo experience. Unlike how it appears in the trailer, the main character, Clive Rosfield, will be accompanied by several AI-controlled party members.

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Another unorthodox move from Square Enix for the game. Final Fantasy XVI will be an M- rated which means that the title will only be suitable for people ages 17 and older.

The game’s rating will be in a category that will have intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content, and/or strong language. This is in contradiction with their goal to let the younger generations enjoy the game. Unless that means those who are 17 years old and above.

Screen Grab via IGN Youtube Channel

In an interview with GameSpot, Yoshida explained that the decision on the rating is based on telling the story more accurately. However, the producer clarified that the game will not be gnarly as the rating might suggest.

To sum it up, Final Fantasy XVI will not be an open-world but rather an area-focused game with an M-rating for more accurate and mature storytelling.

Final Fantasy XVI can be played exclusively on Playstation 5 (PS5) next summer 2023.

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There will be more information this coming fall so make sure to tune in. If you have any questions or you feel that we missed something, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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