Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: How to Pre-Order + All Editions

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth pre-order

Fans of the renowned Final Fantasy game series have been eagerly anticipating information regarding the forthcoming FF7 Rebirth update. During this wait, securing an early copy of this Square Enix game through pre-orders is now possible. With the release date now officially confirmed, this article aims to guide you on how to pre-order Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and present a list of all its available editions.

What is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

The highly anticipated RPG Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the second installment in the ongoing Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy, has received an official release date. It was unveiled during PlayStation’s September State of Play event and is set to launch on February 29, 2024.

  • Square Enix not only shared the release date but also treated fans to a trailer that showcased familiar characters, locations, and minigames from the original game. 
  • This includes Cait Sith, Vincent Valentine, Kalm, Junon, The Golden Saucer, and more. 
  • Additionally, they confirmed exciting features like Chocobo racing, Chocobo breeding, and epic showdowns against the iconic Weapons of the series.
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
Screengrab courtesy of PlayStation via YouTube

From the footage available, Rebirth appears to pick up directly where Remake left off, with Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith, and Red XIII embarking on their journey toward the small town of Kalm. 

  • However, Square Enix hasn’t disclosed precisely where in the original storyline the game will conclude. 
  • They did mention that it will take approximately 100 hours to complete, offering players a substantial adventure.

For fans of the Final Fantasy series, there’s often a favorite among the various titles, and Final Fantasy 7 frequently takes the top spot in those preferences.

Now, let’s return to the primary question: How can you pre-order Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Let’s explore that next!

How to Pre-Order Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

You can pre-order Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in three different editions: Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Collector’s Editions. All of these editions are currently available for pre-order.

Standard Edition (Physical and Digital)

FF7 Rebirth Standard Pre-order
Image courtesy of Square Enix

This edition is accessible in both digital and physical formats. If you choose the physical version, it will be distributed on two discs and include a reversible cover.

This edition includes:

  • The full game

Pre-order here:

Those who opt for the digital Standard Edition will have an option to purchase a Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade. This upgrade will grant access to the content included in the Digital Deluxe Edition. It’s important to note that this upgrade cannot be pre-ordered. It will only become available at the game’s launch.

Digital Deluxe Edition

FF7 Rebirth Deluxe Pre-order
Image courtesy of Square Enix

The Digital Deluxe Edition includes:

  • The full game
  • Digital mini soundtrack
  • Digital artbook
  • Magic Pot Summoning Materia (in-game item)
  • Accessory: Reclaimant Choker (in-game item)
  • Armor: Orchid Bracelet (in-game item)

Pre-order here:

Collector’s Edition

FF7 Rebirth Collector Pre-order
Image courtesy of Square Enix

This edition, offered through the Square Enix Store, is truly a delight for hardcore fans. It includes:

  • The full game (across two discs)
  • FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH STATIC ARTS – SEPHIROTH – a large, highly detailed statue of Sephiroth
  • Steelbook® case
  • A mini soundtrack CD
  • Physical artbook features stunning illustrations and concept art from the game
  • Moogle Trio Summoning Materia (in-game item)
  • Magic Pot Summoning Materia (in-game item)
  • Accessory: Reclaimant Choker (in-game item)
  • Armor: Orchid Bracelet (in-game item)

Pre-order here:

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