Final Fantasy XV
Square Enix’s main focus this Gamescom appears to be on Final Fantasy XV announcements.

Final Fantasy is finally making its way to the PC market and will be available in early 2018. The PC port was announced at a Nvedia event in Gamescom 2017, Germany. Nvedia seems to be a key partner in the PC version being called of having ‘Ultimate Quality’ with various technologies from Nvedia’s Gameworks integration.

The game also puts the previous over-hyped and rushed PS4 Pro version of the game to shame.

The PC version of the game will include –

4K High Resolution Textures

Nvidia Gameworks integration, including:

  • Nvidia TurfEffects – Realistic Grass Simulation
  • Nvidia HairWorks – Advanced Hair Simulation
  • Nvidia Flow – Combustible Fluid, Fire & Smoke Simulation
  • Nvidia HFTS – Advanced Shadow Algorithms
  • Nvidia VXAO – High Quality Ambient Occlusion
  • Nvidia Ansel – A unique screenshot capture facility (recently used by Mass Effect Andromeda)

Dolby Atmos Sound technology

A new first-person camera mode

Now with the new and much improved PC version, Sony’s gambit with the weird PS4 Pro just feels plain unnecessary now. As all PC versions of games do Final Fantasy XV’s PC version will be also just putting the standard Xbox One and PS4 version in the shadows with better graphics for eye candy.