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A new adaptation of the 1980 novel Firestarter by Stephen King will be airing this year through the Peacock streaming service. The announced date for its release will be on May 13, 2022. It is the second time a film adaptation based on the book occurred. The first one aired in 1984 and starred a young Drew Barrymore.

The story is about a young girl who discovers she has pyrokinetic abilities.

A secretive government agency then begins hunting her as they believe she is a weapon they can use. Ryan Kiera Armstrong will portray the titular girl Charlie. The film will also star Zac Efron as Charlie’s father and Sydney Lemmon as her mother.

One change from the books is the lack of the character Captain James Hollister. Many believe that Gloria Reuben is the replacement character as she has an undisclosed role.

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With the announcement also came a trailer to promote the film. The project was named the production company Blumhouse which partnered with Universal Pictures. Other actors that will make an appearance are Kurtwood Smith and Michael Greyeyes.

Image Courtesy of Universal Pictures

The film has been long in production, with news of the reboot surfacing in 2017. It took some time to get a director and writer on board. Fatih Akin is the director, best known for In The Fade. Producers of this film are Akiva Goldsman and Jason Blum, who’re known for working on Paranormal Activity.

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