Firewall Zero Hour Developers Reveal More Information

Firewall Zero Hour

Sid Shuman sat down with the developers of Firewall: Zero Hour in the 2nd Day of E3 revealing some new information about the game.

Firewall Zero Hour, as you might already know, is a PS VR game being developed by First Contact Entertainment. The first thing the developers revealed was that the team at First Contact is really close to finishing the game and that a release date would be out anytime soon.

The game is a splendid piece of art, as Sid describes multiple times, and has a pacing that actually tenses up the situation. In Firewall Zero Hour, teamwork is one of the most crucial elements to win. But again, isn’t that a crucial element in every multiplayer game? Moving on.

The developers also mentioned how PS VR has enabled them to make a team-oriented game. From what I’ve observed, Firewall Zero Hour is basically the Counter Strike: Global Offensive for PS VR.

Gameplay is a 4 on 4 experience with tensed pacing that demands proper teamwork. One of the factors they mentioned was related to mines. If you place a mine during the game and it isn’t triggered during the match, it will still remain untouched.

I don’t have a clear idea on what they meant by this, but let’s wait and hope for the best. Before Firewall Zero Hour, Sid Suman sat with the developers of Evasion and talked about its co-op elements, tetherings and much more.

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