First Details announced for September’s Pokemon Go Community Day

Pokemon Go

Niantic has announced the first details for September’s Pokemon Go Community Day, taking place on Sunday, September 15.

Set to be released on September’s Community Day, which lasts for just three hours, is the following Pokemon: Grass specialist Turtwig who appeared in the Diamond and Pearl games – players will have a better chance to catch the turtle Pokemon as it will appear in the wild more frequently than normal. There will also be a chance to catch a Shiny Turtwig.

In addition, any Turtwig caught and evolved all the way into Torterra within an hour after the Community Day ends will be allowed a special event-exclusive move that it couldn’t otherwise learn in the game.

Elsewhere, there will also be other bonus content including any Lure Modules used during the event will also remain active for three hours rather than 30 minutes; as well as the chance to earn triple the normal amount of Stardust for each Pokemon caught.

September’s Community Day will take place much earlier than usual, from 11 AM-2 PM local time.

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