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Hey, Netflix fans! Have you caught up with the recent cancellation of Netflix‘s First Kill Season 2? The series won’t be returning to the streaming platform, and has been canceled in the first week of August. The conclusion of the first season indeed opens for a second franchise leading to fans’ disappointment with the recent news.

If you haven’t watched the first season yet, there may be a question if you should still watch it. Well, we’ll lay the details down about First Kill, and maybe decide if you should watch it still. Let’s go!

Netflix Cancels First Kill‘s Season 2

First Kill is Netflix’s teen drama vampire series. The series is one of the anticipated premieres on Netflix this 2022 as it explores queer representation but between a vampire and a vampire hunter. The First Kill belongs to the creation of Victoria “V.E.” Schwab, written by Felicia D. Henderson, and Emma Roberts executive produced the 2022 series. It arrived on June 10th on the online streaming platform.

  • Exclusive reports on non-renewal circulate about First Kill‘s supposed second season. The reason occurs that Netflix bases its renewal and cancellation of shows on its viewership versus the cost.
  • Moreover, the 2022 teen drama series continuously ranks in the Top 10 figures on Netflix for almost a month. First Kill reached its peak, placing third in its first week of release with 48.8M hours viewed.
First Kill Season 2
Image Courtesy of Netflix via Twitter @netflix
  • However, according to a report from Deadline, “the series, which did not have the staying power of most Netflix hits, still did not meet thresholds for viewing and completion of episodes.” which led to its Season 2 cancellation.

The fans and casts’ reactions

As we introduced this teen drama, we also found out that it’s a struggle for teen series to gain so much popularity and viewership on any platform at this time. Furthermore, First Kill rates 89% on Rotten tomatoes’ average audience scores and 58% on average Tomatometer, while 6.3 over 10 on IMDB, and garnered 91% of Google users to like the show.

First Kill behind
Behind-the-scenes photo of Lewis and Hook | Image Courtesy of Netflix via Twitter @netflix

Following the unfortunate news, First Kill viewers let out their disappointment and sentiments via Twitter with the hashtag #CancelNetflix. Unfortunately, there are a couple of lesbian or sapphic shows that have been canceled on Netflix for quite some time now.

  • Some fans and viewers drop their thoughts saying that the First Kill series is not a flop. Also, numerous people cancel their Netflix subscriptions due to this news. The viewers label the online streaming platform as racist and lesbophobic due to the cancellation of numerous WLW series. Here are a few Tweets we have gathered from fans.

  • In addition, aside from the upset and heartbroken fans, Imani Lewis (Calliope) shares a photo with Sarah Catherine Hook (Juliette) on an Instagram story with the text “Forever your Calliette”. Who else cried?

  • Even the creator, V.E. Schwab posts her sadness and gratitude for First Kill‘s production. Schwab starts her Instagram post with, “The day I found out my first tv project was being picked up for an entire season, was one of the best days of my life. But that doesn’t mean this—the day it got canceled—is the worst.

Is Season 1 worth watching?

Should you still watch the Netflix series, what do you think? Elizabeth Mitchell, Aubin Wise, and Gracie Dzienny join Lewis and Hook on the lead casts of the 2022 series. We’ll list a few things you may want to look at if you want to watch First Kill Season 1.

  • This is not your typical teen drama series, as the story revolves around vampires.

    Two high schoolers meet at Lancaster Academy, Juliette Fairmont and Calliope Burns, respectively. However, the above-mentioned that they are from different sides of the story, the vampire and the vampire hunter, respectively.

    First Kill season 1 poster
    Image Courtesy of PopCrave via Twitter @popcrave
  • A new LGBTQ+ series to watch.

    This is not much of a big deal, but it is sure nice to see platforms and productions being open and creating series with rainbow community stories. Well, this one is another new one as it adds the LGBTQ+ with monsters, vampires, and such.

  • You may want a Romeo and Juliet type of love story.

    This has the vibe of a forbidden love affair between two people who just want to love. Well, there are families who just don’t get along, right? Yep,  but also the budding romance between Calliope and Juliette, along with their missions of getting the first kill as a hunter and a vampire, is enough to take you on a rollercoaster ride.

    First Kill Season 2
    Image Courtesy of Netflix via Twitter @netflix
  • However, there are a few cons too.

    The lack of CGI and the overly mentions of the series inspiration, yes, the story of Romeo and Juliet. There are some scenes when you are just brought in awe while the others just settle you with an OK. We may have expected great CGI effects as we are in the present time, nonetheless, they were able to pull it off to finish Season 1.

  • Well, we can still say that you may want to watch the show as it offers something new, and something good.

    Unfortunately, you cannot expect another season that may leave you on a cliffhanger, but it ended well. There are a few lapses in CGI effects, but if you want a teen drama with vampires, family wars with the two leads pondering if they made the right decision, and a slice of LGBTQ+, give this series a shot on your watch list!

Will you watch their Season 1? It is still up and available to watch on Netflix.

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