First Look At Borderlands 3 Planet Promethea

Players who have paid attention to the legends of the Borderlands series will surely have heard of the planet Promethea. This is the planet on which the Atlas company discovered alien technology and used it to create new spaceships and armaments. As many of you will already know, in Borderlands 3 you can go to various planets and one of these will be Promethea.

The developers of Gearbox Software have revealed some new details about the legendary world covered in metal and glass. A new video depicting the setting of Promethea has been shared on Borderlands official account, describing in detail what players can expect from this third installment of the craziest saga ever.

On Promethea, which serves as the headquarters of the Atlas Corporation, we will surely meet two old acquaintances like Rhys Strongfork and Zer0. Promethea will be divided mainly into three parts: we will find a thriving city, a war-torn area, and ruins. Especially in the latter, we will be dealing with the Sons of the Crypt, who are recruiting from their ranks, and the citizens of Promethea, who are completely dissatisfied with the lifestyle on the planet.

We recall that Borderlands 3 is coming to the store shelves on September 13 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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