On the night of August 17, Thursday, an area in Northwest China experienced heavy rainfall. Therefore, the river began to overflow causing it to have flash floods in the populated villages in the said region. The heavy rainfall also made the soil in the mountains soften which then triggered a sudden landslide.

The water and debris from the landslide have poured down straight to the rivers. Which added more to the floods and damage to the people in Qinghai province. The floods and landslides must have been terrifying since the incident happened at night.

Later the next day, CCTV (China Central Television) gave an update about the incident. They shared the number of people affected and casualties. The report says that 6,245 people in 6 villages in the province were affected. Unfortunately, there are many casualties and missing persons in the aftermath.

The number of casualties in the heavy rainfall in Northwest China

  • In the reports from CCTV, at least 16 people were killed and 18 individuals are currently missing as well. There was a total of 36 missing people in the first reports but the rescuers had found 18 of them. The search and rescue operations are ongoing to find the remaining people.
  • The sudden landslide is the number one factor in the number of casualties and missing persons. Moreover, the Emergency authorities have described the incident as a “mountain torrent.”

  • With the latest incident of a rainstorm, rains are still expected to happen. People should stay alert in case of flash floods and landslides.
  • Not only one but two extreme weather are happening in the country. China is also experiencing drought at the same time in different areas. As per AP News, the drought in the country is the worst record so far in 60 years.
China flash flood
Image Courtesy of AP News

Extreme weather all over the world
  • The whole world is also experiencing extreme weather events due to global warming. Aside from China, different parts of Europe are currently experiencing an intense heat wave. The weather temperatures go above 40°C. While different parts of Asia also experience heavy rains.
  • Our global temperature reported in 2021 is 1.21 °C as per Climate.gov. As scientists are endlessly saying, if it continues to increase, climate change is going to worsen. Water levels are feared to increase as well due to the glaciers continuing to melt.

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SOURCES: CCTV (China Central Television), AP News, South China Morning Post, Climate.gov