Flip the Bottle Trend Challenge on TikTok: What is it and How to play it?

Flip the Bottle Trend Challenge on TikTok What is it and How to play it

If you’re a fan of TikTok trend challenges, get ready to add another one to your list: the Flip the Bottle Challenge. So, what is the Flip the Bottle Challenge? Essentially, it’s an eating challenge that involves a group of people sitting around a table, each with their own container of food, commonly a large bottle or jar. The challenge is to eat as much as you can once you are successful in doing the challenge. The catch? You can’t stop eating until someone else takes over. The Flip the Bottle trend is a test of luck and appetite, and it’s not for the faint of heart (or stomach)!

TikTok has become a breeding ground for all kinds of weird and wonderful trends, from dance challenges to beauty tutorials. The Flip the Bottle Challenge is just the latest addition to the platform’s never-ending stream of viral content. So, if you’re up for a challenge that involves non-stop eating and a bit of friendly competition, why not give this flipping challenge a try? Just be prepared to feel full for days!

What is TikTok’s Flip the Bottle Challenge?

Are you ready for the ultimate food challenge? Get your plastic bottles and your appetite ready because we’re about to flip and eat our way to victory! All you have to do is set up your table and food and just eat but with a twist. Here’s what you’ll need to prepare for this epic TikTok trend challenge:

Flip the Bottle trend challenge on TikTok, play it
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  • First, grab a plastic bottle for flipping. Yes, you heard it right – you have to flip the bottle to get to eat! But there’s a twist – you need someone to flip the bottle straight to stop you from eating. This makes the game more challenging and exciting!
  • Next, choose your food wisely. Pick whatever you’re craving – burgers, fries, pizza, ice cream – the choice is yours! Just make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy eating because you’ll be eating a lot of it during this challenge.
  • And of course, don’t forget to invite your family or friends to join in on the fun and food! This is a great opportunity to bond and have fun with your loved ones.

The rules of the TikTok challenge

Now, let’s go over the rules. The game is simple – each player takes turns flipping the bottle. If you successfully flip the bottle, you get to eat your food. But if you fail, you have to go to the back of the line and try again later. The game continues until everyone has had a turn.


Flip the Bottle Challenge with Fam 😂

♬ original sound – immaybeperez on IG – immaybeperez on IG

  • Remember, you can only eat when you successfully flip the bottle. And you can only stop eating when another person successfully flips the bottle. So, it’s a battle for food, and it’s all about luck and technique. Are you up for the challenge?
  • Make sure to record your challenge and share it with the world of TikTok! Let’s see who will emerge victorious in this ultimate food-flipping challenge. So, bring it on!

The Origin of Flip the Bottle

Currently, the challenge has been raving the For You pages (FYPs) in the Philippines. But we did notice that aside from the ‘Flip the Bottle Challenge’, it has a Spain or Portugal counterpart. This brought us to realize that the trend probably started with them — the #GarrafaChallenge can be translated to the ‘Bottle Challenge’.


A trend da garrafa mais caótica kkkkkk #trenddagarrafa #garrafachallenge #desafio #engraçado

♬ Caalm Dooown – EL Locco

  • Where it came from may be difficult to find, but TikTok has been loving this trend challenge. Try it with your loved ones and let us know if you won good food!

Now that you know about the latest TikTok craze, we hope you get to enjoy the Flip the Bottle Challenge!

If you have any questions about TikTok’s Flip the Bottle or other trend challenges, you can share them below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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