Florida parent school bus attack aide
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In a shocking incident that unfolded in Florida, a frustrated parent crossed the line and physically assaulted a school bus aide. The incident occurred after the man learned that his child had been suspended from riding the bus. Officials have released a video of the distressing event. The attack has left the community wondering what could have driven the parent to such extreme measures.

According to witnesses, the parent had an argument with the school bus aide over an issue related to his child. The argument quickly escalated, and the parent became aggressive. He pushed the school bus aide to the ground and began hitting her repeatedly. The aide suffered several injuries and had to rush to the hospital.

Florida parent attacks school bus aide

On May 2nd, in Ocala, Florida, a parent named Esdra Burges-Cruz caused trouble on a school bus that had stopped, leading to a delay for the students. Despite the aide stopping him from getting on the bus, Burges-Cruz used offensive language and boarded anyway.

Although the specific reason for Burges-Cruz’s child being suspended from the school bus is not known, it is clear that emotions ran high and resulted in a violent incident. Parents and teachers are concerned about the situation.

Authorities mentioned that Burges-Cruz made threats, warning the aide that there would be consequences if anything happened to his son again. A student at Lake Weir Middle School captured the assault on video and reported it to the school officers the next day.

The father claimed that he did not physically hit the employee but instead grabbed a paper from him to show his son’s bus suspension. The reason for the suspension is not immediately known.

Exploring the viral video of the incident

As the father boarded the bus, he used offensive language and appeared confrontational towards the staff member. In the video, the man says, “Shut the f- up!” and later repeats, “This is going to be the last time!”

Once inside the bus, he got into a heated argument with a bus aide, and the situation quickly escalated. The sheriff’s office released a video showing Burges-Cruz hitting the aide in the chest. The incident left the students on the bus scared and screaming.

The exact confrontation is not clear from the footage. The officers noted that the father approached the school aide immediately upon entering the bus. The father had threatened the staff member that if anything happened to his son, he would face consequences.

Has Florida police arrested Burges-Cruz?

After seeing the video evidence, the police arrested Burges-Cruz on May 3rd. The man has no prior criminal record but he is facing multiple felony charges, including battery on a school employee, burglary, and disturbing the peace at a school event

Florida parent school bus aide attack
Esdra Burges-Cruz, the Florida parent who attacked the school bus aide (Image courtesy of Fox 35 Orlando)

The perpetrator’s bond was set at $17,500. There is no court date set yet. The community is waiting for the outcome of this disturbing event that has affected the Florida school system.

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