Flower of Evil Indian Remake; Is it better than the Original? The Comparison

Flower of Evil Indian Remake: Is It Better Than The Original? The Comparison

ZEE5 streaming platform launched the Indian adaptation of Studio Dragon’s blockbuster K-Drama Flower Of Evil on 19th August. Where K-Drama lovers are divided on this Flower Of Evil Indian remake, here is everything you need to know before you start watching Duranga.

In a first for an Indian remake of K-Dramas, the lead actor of the original romantic mystery thriller Lee Joong Gi showed his support for the ZEE5 release on Instagram.

Kdrama lovers had been anxiously awaiting this release, many apprehensive of how it will be recreated for the Indian market. Against that backdrop, everyone wants to know how this OTD launch did in its first few days.

Among the biggest K-Drama hits 2020: Flower of Evil original – story and casting

Flower of Evil originally came to screens around 2 years ago on the 29th of July 2020 on all international k drama streaming platforms including Netflix, Hulu, VIKI, and iQIYI.

  • International title: Flower of Evil
  • Genre: Mystery, Crime, Suspense, Thriller, Drama, Romance
  • Director: Kim Cheol Kyu
  • Nationwide rating: 7%
  • Awards: 7th Beaksang Art Awards for Best Director


  • Lee Joong Gi
  • Moon Chae Won
  • Jang Hee Jin
  • Seo Hyun Woo
Flower of Evil Indian Remake Is it better than the Original The Comparison - KDrama
Images Courtesy of tVN


The flower of Evil is a romantic thriller K-Drama that revolves around the life of a married couple. Baek Hee Sung, a man with a dark past who believes himself unable to fall in love, is the husband of a gorgeous law enforcement officer, Cha Ji Won. As his carefully concealed life slowly starts to come to the surface, Cha Ji Won has to revisit her trust and understanding in the man she has been devotedly in love with for more than a decade.

You can watch some sponsored clips like the one enclosed below to get an idea of why this series was so well received by fans.

Another notable reason which drew fans to watch this series, again and again, was the super adorable daughter Baek Eun-ha, played by Jung Seo-yeon.

Who is covering the Flower of Evil Indian Remake? Production and lead actors

OTT platform ZEE5 bought the rights to the Flower Of Evil Indian remake, which has now been released as the show Duranga, which means ‘two shadows of lies.’

The Duranga story suits an Indian backdrop and now stars two major silver screen actors in place of Lee Joong Gi and Moon Chae Won.

  • Ira – Drashti Dhami
  • Samit – Gulshan Devaiah

Directed by Pradeep Sarkar, other notable names in this production include Zakir Hussain, Barsha Bisht, Hera Mishra, Divya Sheth, and more.

  • Release date: 19th August 2022
  • Total episodes: 9

Flower Of Evil Indian Remake Review: Differences and similarities

The Indian adaptation of Duranga has major similarities and differences from the original K-Drama in both cinematography and storytelling.

Faster plotline

Duranga sports a faster pace as compared to the original Flower Of Evil. Fans who got bored in the middle of the drama due to its continuous halting will enjoy Duranga more. On the flip side, this fast pace has not allowed viewers to fall in love with the character of the male lead as a husband and father. This was a major factor in the original K-Drama series.

Flower of Evil Indian Remake Is it better than the Original The Comparison - India
Image Courtesy of ZEE5

Smaller twists in the mystery

K-Drama fans can still watch the flower of Evil Indian remake as there are a number of smaller twists in each section of the story which differ from the original. This is one of the major plus points of the Indian adaptation.

Divided into two halves

The suspenseful full flower of Evil Indian remake is ending the first season in an interesting cliffhanger. This means first-time viewers, as well as K-Drama addicts who are late to the celebration, can still follow up on the second season. The first season of this flower of Evil Indian remake only has 9 episodes.

Feels like a patchwork

Many fans have noted how the story has tried to appeal to every emotion from the original Flower of Evil K-Drama. This has started to feel like a patchwork of different stories hastily put together somewhere in the middle of the series.

A great beginning

The creators of this Indian adaptation did a good job of getting watchers hooked on the beginning of the tale. In fact, for many first-time watches, this will happen faster than viewers of the original could have experienced it. Even here, however, you might have to look past some continuity errors as the story progresses.

K-Drama lovers continue to be divided

Kdrama fans have expressed opinions on both sides when it came to whether or not Duranga is worth a watch. However, almost everyone seems to agree that the original Flower Of Evil is not contestable.


Our verdict

K-Drama fans are disappointed to see this blockbuster hit in such a different light. Many fans continue to point out the missing features of what they loved from the original in this flower of Evil remake.

However, for first-time watchers, this series can be an introduction to a different kind of storytelling.

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