Foo Fighters Concert Schedule + Who's their new drummer

If you know the rock band Foo Fighters, we know that 2022 was not the best year for the band and its fans. The band started its musical journey way back in 1994. Foo Fighters went through changes in their members until it became a solid six-member band. However, the loss of their drummer, Taylor Hawkins, may have changed the course for the rock band. After losing a brother, the band decides to cancel all tour dates following the passing of the drummer. This new year, can we see a tour/concert schedule of the Foo Fighters and a glimpse of their new drummer? You may find out everything we know about the band’s plans.

Foo Fighters concert schedule

In the early part of last year, the rock band announced their 2022 tour. The concert stops include Europe, South America, and United Kingdom. In February 2022, Foo Fighters added more shows in North America. The tour is part of the 27th-anniversary celebration of the rock band. However, on March 2022, the tour was canceled as the band grieved the loss of their member.

  • As of this writing, updates on the Foo Fighters concert and the tour schedule have yet to be announced. We’ll take the new year’s post of the band as a sign that the tour may resume this year. On the first day of January 2023, Foo Fighters bid farewell and send gratitude to their loved ones and their fans.
  • The year-end letter ends with the hope to see the band perform soon. “We also know that you, the fans, meant as much to Taylor as he meant to you. And we know that when we see you again – and we will soon – he’ll be there in spirit with all of us every night.

Who’s the band’s new drummer?

Along with the possibility of the resume of the tour, the question of “who would be the band’s next drummer?” surfaces. There’s no certainty as to whom would fill the shoes of the loved Taylor Hawkins, and we hope we can know soon!

  • Foo Fighters and the Hawkins family announced a Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert on September 3rd and 27th of last year, respectively. The first concert happened which thrilled the fans as another Hawkins graced the stage. Shane Hawkins, son of Taylor Hawkins, joined the list of drummers who performed that night.
  • Shane may have stolen the show, but another drummer took everyone’s attention. The band introduced their “new drummer”, Rufus “Tiger” Taylor, which surprised fans as they may have seen Taylor Hawkins on stage again. True to what they see, a fan tweeted:

  • Significantly, Foo Fighters considers Rufus Tiger Taylor a “real member” of the band since they knew him since he was little. The 31-year-old Rufus made the crowd go wild with applause at Wembley Stadium as he joins the band in performing “These Days” and “Best of You“.
Taylor Hawkins, Rufus Taylor
Taylor Hawkins (left), Rufus Tiger Taylor (right) | Image Courtesy of Wikipedia (1), (2)
  • If this happens to be Taylor’s live audition as the next drummer of Foo Fighters, then pretty sure he would be loved by the fans as well. Foo Fighters has yet to announce the name of their new drummer, but with the fans’ reactions about Rufus, hmm, maybe we’d see him on tour with the band soon.

Will we see the Foo Fighters’ new drummer anytime soon? We hope the band continues their concert soon too.

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