Football Manager 2023 release date, all platforms

Hey, players! We may have found something that you probably missed. The nine-year hiatus was a little too long. Now, Football Manager arrives back on PlayStation and is coming back with its newest installment. The game just announced its official release date and the return to PlayStation earlier. So from here, we’ll discuss all the information you need to know about the upcoming game. All platforms where you can play Football Manager 2023 and its release date coming up for you!

About Football Manager 2023

Earlier, Sega officially announced that the closest experience to being a sports manager is coming back. You can read more below about what to expect about the game!

Release Date

  • Football Manager 2023 goes out to the gaming world on November 8th, 2022. Just a month from now, you’ll be out there managing the top football teams in the world. We hope you have your skills ready, and pretty sure FM 23 can be played anywhere you are!
Football Manager 2023 November 8
Image Courtesy of Football Manager

All Platforms

  • We mentioned that the game is playable anywhere, and we meant any platform! Football Manager 2023 widened its reach to its players. You can play the game on PC, Mac, Xbox devices, and of course, the return to PlayStation, specifically in PS 5. But that’s not all, as FM 23 opened its access to Android, iPad, and iOS (through Apple Arcade). Do you think we’re missing something? Play the game on Nintendo Switch too! Details about the Switch play may drop in October as said on their official website.
  • In line with the platforms above, we’ll provide the pre-purchase links below. As of this writing, Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft offer a 20% discount on FM 23 purchase! Also, these are the available pre-order sites as of now, so check them out.
Football Manager 2023
Image Courtesy of Football Manager 2023 via Steam

Well, pre-purchasing has perks too, right? For Football Manager 2023, aside from the 20% discount, get an early access pass too! According to FM 23’s websitePre-purchase of Football Manager 2023 for PC/Mac comes with early play access and 20% off. Early access is normally available roughly two weeks prior to full release. Participating digital retailers only.

FM 23 iPad return
Image Courtesy of Football Manager
  • About the Switch and mobile-play purchases, they are yet to announce its release. But if we compare it to FM 22, the Nintendo Switch purchase retails around USD $39.99. While the mobile releases may be priced at $9.99 on Google Play and App Store.
  • According to FM, FM23 Mobile will be available for pre-order on the App Store and pre-registration on Google Play from early October. By pre-ordering FM23 Mobile on iOS, you’ll own the game and be able to play [it] immediately upon release. For Android users, FM23 Mobile pre-registration means you’ll be notified when the game is available.

Sony PlayStation 5

You read the title right, the game is back on PlayStation. Football Manager 2023 finally makes its debut on PlayStation 5. On the other hand, you can expect the game to be available on Xbox Game Pass soon! Watch out for that, players!

  • The Football Manager 23 consoles may be out for pre-order on all platforms in early October, according to FM. Peek at the console controllers below!
Football Manager 2023 PlayStation
Image Courtesy of Football Manager

More about the November 8th game

Sports Interactive and Sega Corporation worked hand-in-hand in developing and publishing the game, respectively. If you are not familiar with this game, the game title says it all.

  • Don’t build a team, create a dynasty. This is how they describe the upcoming installment of Football Manager. Do read below for more!

“In Football Manager 2023, you get closer than ever to every aspect of the beautiful game, with feedback from everyone from the supporters that live and breathe every match to your board, scouts, players, and even opposition managers. Earn the backing of the fans by outsmarting your rivals and delivering success on the pitch.”

That’s all we have now, players!

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