Fortnite Releasing in China; $15M Esports Investment Confirmed


First Red Alert Online and now this. Tencent is on fire!

Fortnite is currently the biggest Battle Royale game in the world. Fortnite’s initial Early Access release dates back to 2017. But it was yet to see the light of the day in China.

For those of you who are unaware of the fact, PUBG and CS:GO were released in China only a few months back. Tencent, the saviour has some *more* good news.

The company had been constantly hinting a release in China for some time now. Investments of $15M will follow up closely after release for e-sports in both China and offshores.

Although, how soon these developments are to take place is still a matter facing the question mark.

Luckily, the matter finally rests as an announcement was made by a Tencent spokesperson at a conference, confirming the rumours.

DoNews reported that players who are pre-ordering the game are receiving in-game items. Chinese players with progress on servers based abroad will most likely be transferred to domestic servers.

While most interestingly, Tencent owns 40% of Epic’s shares, the release date remains unannounced by both the former and the latter.

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