Fortnite 25.11: All Skins Releasing this Summer Update

Fortnite 25.11 All Skins Releasing

New skins are one of the most anticipated updates in Fortnite. As we enter July 2023, various sources have leaked possible new skins in Fortnite for the much-awaited Summer Update. This article will list all skins releasing this summer update in Fortnite 25.11 patch. Let’s get to it!

Fortnite 25.11 Skins Update Leaks

Update leaks are famous in the Fortnite community, as many credible leakers waste no time sharing the information they found on Twitter. We have compiled a list of all the upcoming skins leaked by two of Fortnite’s most credible data miners, @iFireMonkey and @HYPEX

Fortnite x Elder Scrolls Online skin

Firstly, we’ll show you the ‘biggest’ and most anticipated from fans, the Elder Scrolls Online collaboration.

New Fireworks Team Leader

Fortnite 25.11 Skin Firework Leader
Fortnite 25.11 Skin Firework Leader, courtesy of HYPEX

In celebration of the 4th of July, it’s been leaked that the old Fireworks Team Leader will appear in the game again. However, there is a slight change in the outfit.

  • The ‘old’ Fireworks Team Leader used a bear helmet. In this upcoming skin, however, she will not be using one.
  • Her outfit resembles an American Flag and even Captain America’s vibe as Fortnite celebrates the 4th of July with its community.

Court Queen Erisa

Fortnite 25.11 Skin Queen Erisa
Court Queen Erisa, screengrab courtesy of iFireMonkey

Leaker iFireMonkey discovered that this cool new ‘anime’ style of skin is part of a quest pack, which means it is included in a bundle that can only be bought by purchasing the pack from the Epic Games store.

  • It is currently priced at $11.99, and as you progress through the pack’s special quests, you can earn up to 1,500 V-Bucks back.
  • An interesting part of this skin is the option to disable the shading option, such as the outline of the outfit.

Razer Rae

Fortnite 25.11 Skin Razer Rae
Razer Rae, image courtesy of HYPEX

@HYPEX leaked this new skin to be available in the next summer update.

  • This skin is going to be available in the Item Shop.
  • As a part of survey concept art skins, this outfit is a great addition to really get you in the summer vibe in Epic Games’ popular battle royale title.

Opal Bundle

As leaked by user @HYPEX, this Opal Bundle got the fans loving the upcoming update.

  • With the bundle including many colorful pieces of equipment, this outfit will surely bring the vibe into the Fortnite summer update.
  • This bundle also includes a new variant of the Ruby outfit.

Chaos Explorer

Fortnite 25.11 Skin Chaos Explorer
Chaos Explorer, screengrab courtesy of iFireMonkey

The Chaos Explorer seems to be a deep-sea version of Chaos Agent. Most Fortnite players know this outfit for its three-fingered hands.

Comfy and Cozy Chomps Pyjama variant

Fortnite 25.11 Skin Comfy Chomps
Comfy Chomps Pyjama variant, screengrab courtesy of iFireMonkey

Showcased by leaker @iFireMonkey, two new variants to both Chomps’ skins will be added to the game soon.

The leak shows that Comfy Chomps will get a new Pyjama variant, which gives the skin a darker color. On the other hand, the Cozy Chomps will get a new gray variant with an option to remove the shark skin from the outfit.

New Pickaxe skins

Fortnite is also adding more pickaxe skins in the new update. According to iFireMonkey, here are the pickaxe skins he found in the game’s data:

  • Racket of The Wish

    Fortnite 25.11 Skin Racket of Wish
    Racket of the Wish, screengrab courtesy of iFireMonkey
  • Bubble Wands

    Fortnite 25.11 Skin Bubble Wands
    Bubble Wands, screengrab courtesy of iFireMonkey
  • Baguette Bat

    Fortnite 25.11 Skin Baguette Bat
    Baguette Bat, screengrab courtesy of iFireMonkey
  • Scoop Slicers

    Fortnite 25.11 Skin Scoop Slicers
    Scoop Slicers, screengrab courtesy of iFireMonkey
  • Stripe Slicer Pastel variant

    Fortnite 25.11 Skin Stripe Slicer Pastel variant
    Stripe Slicer Pastel variant, screengrab courtesy of iFireMonkey

There you go, a complete list of all Fortnite 25.11 Skins releasing this Summer Update! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments if you were able to spot other skins coming this July in Fortnite.

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