Fortnite: All Banned skins fans want to return – Ranked

Skins and outfits are always a special part of Fortnite’s identity. Players purchase most skins with V-bucks while others are claimed by completing challenges and gaining XP. Skins are mostly inspired from pop culture icons like Spider-Man, Naruto or even Deadpool. But there are a few Fortnite skins that have been banned for various reasons and yet, fans want them to return. We rank the best of Fortnite skins that were banned. 

4 & 5. Scourge and Plague

Scourge and Plague are skins inspired from beaked doctors who treated the bubonic plague 500 years ago. Despite this origin story, Epic Games had silently removed this from the store after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was essentially a modern “plague”.

Banned Fortnite skins
Image courtesy of The Gamer
  • These two iconic skins were missing from the rotating item shop for over a thousand days. Well, if you’re a fan, your wait has come to an end as they are now back to the store. The formerly banned skins are both available for 1500 V-bucks each. 

3. Boundless Super Hero Skin

The Boundless Super Hero skin on Epic Games’ Fortnite caused quite an uproar on its introduction to the game. The skin allowed players to completely customize their character’s appearance from head to toe without any limitations. 

Image courtesy of Fortnite Intel
  • The Boundless Super Hero skin was essentially an empty canvas waiting to be taken advantage of. 
  • Players began to edit their outfit to match the background in a single color, which made it impossible for opponents to even notice their presence. 
  • Epic Games immediately banned this skin from competitive play. Despite a later unban, the all-black version was never restored.

2. Travis Scott Skin

A few years ago, Fortnite and American rapper Travis Scott collaborated on an in-game event called Astronomical which featured his music. In Season 2 Chapter 2, Travis Scott skins were launched as an Icon Series Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale. 

Image courtesy of Epic Games
  • The skins could be purchased in the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks or with the Astronomical Bundle for 2,500 V-Bucks. 
  • However, after Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert fiasco that led to multiple fans dying, Epic Games has slowly distanced itself from the rapper as the skin too lost popularity.
  • Although the skin hasn’t been blatantly banned, Fortnite has banned a Travis Scott emote quietly.

1. Rue skin

Well, this one’s a really tricky skin that fans have been demanding for a return. The Rue skin was last seen three years ago and was released only twice

  • Rue appears to be a woman in a red and black trench coat and fans think it’s a skin for a Nazi officer. As much as the uniform was politically incorrect, the rarity of its existence is still a talking point.

Furthermore, skins like Skull Trooper and Skull Ranger are banned in China thanks to strict laws by the government. Instead, Chinese players will use skins that replace the skull designs with actual human faces. Which banned Fortnite skin’s return are you looking forward to?

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