Fortnite Skins have the trendiest skins and multiple celebrity-inspired skins. This article provides the list of all celebrity skins Fortnite has/had.

Fortnite: All Celebrity Skins

Gamers and Content Creators

Bugha: Fortnite Champion

Fortnite rewarded Bugha with an in-game skin as the Lone Victor of Fortnite World Cup 2021.

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Ninja: Professional Battle Royale Player

Better known as Ninja, Tyler Blevins is a professional battle royal player, streamer, and content creator. Moreover, Ninja was the first streamer who got an in-game Fortnite skin in January 2020

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LoserFruit: Top Twitch Streamer

Loserfruit or Lufu, real name Kathleen Belsten, is the 2nd most followed streamer on Twitch.

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The Gregfg: Most Subscribed Spanish Youtuber

David Cánovas Martínez known online as TheGregfg is one of the most subscribed channels in Spain.

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LazarBeam: Fortnite Meme Famous

Lannan Neville Eacott or LazarBeam is mostly known for his comedic riffs and Fortnite Memes.

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Musician, Singer, Rapper, and/or Artists


Marshmello, real name Christopher Comstock, is the first celebrity collab Fortnite made. In addition, the producer and DJ produced hit songs such as Leave Before You Love Me. A variation of Marshello skin is Marshinobi Skins which are ninja-like Marshello.

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Travis Scott

Jacques Bermon Webster popularly known as Travis Scott is an American Rapper. The singer, songwriter, and record producer released hit songs such as Sicko Mode and Goosebumps.

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Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, the pop and R&B singer has 2 skins in Fortnite. These are The Ariana Grande skin and the re-imagined Fortnite the Spacefarer Ariana Grande Skin.

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J. Balvin

Better known as J. Balvin, José Álvaro Osorio Balvín is a Columbian singer and rapper who is among the top-selling Latin artist worldwide. The so-called Prince of Reggaeton had a staggering 35 million record sales around the globe.

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Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak: Silk Sonic

Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak is an R&B hit duo. Formerly, Bruno Mars is a solo artist who joined Anderson .Paak which is now called Silk Sonic. Their first song debut is Leave the Door Open released last March 2021.

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Actors and Actresses

Spiel Times highlighted our favorite Actors and Actress skins.

Dwayne “The Foundation” Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, famous for being a professional wrestler, action, and comedic star, is re-envisioned as The Foundation in the Fortnite universe.

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Keanu “The Fortnite Guy” Reeves

John Wick. “Whoever Comes, Whoever It Is, I’ll Kill Them! I’ll Kill Them All!”. Just watch the Trilogy as you are missing out on the Keanu Reeves goodness.

The Reaper somehow looks a lot like John Wick. Players mistakenly thought it is Keanu Reeves. Well, Epic Games decided to make a John Wick skin. Now, Keanu is not Neo or Johnwick but the Fortnite Guy.

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Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon

This is a personal favorite just because it is Norman Reedus. Daryl Dixon is a crafty character in The Walking Dead Series. What a cool dude.

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Complete List of Actors and Actresses as skins in Fortnite.

Name Character Portrayed Movie / Series Reference
Keanu Reeves John Wick John Wick
David Harbour Jim Hopper Stranger Things
Christian Bale
Batman Batman the Dark Night
Daisy Ridley Rey Skywalker Star Wars
John Boyega Finn FN-2187
Margot Robbie
Harley Quinn Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
Jason Momoa Aquaman Aquaman
Scarlett Johansson Black Widow The Avengers
Josh Brolin
Thanos The Avengers
Danai Gurira Michonne Hawthorne The Walking Dead
Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon
Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimes
Linda Hamilton Sarrah Connor The Terminator
Sigourney Weaver Ellen Ripley Alien
Ryan Reynolds Guy Free Guy
Will Smith Badboys Bad Boys
Tom Hardy Eddie Grock – Venom Venom
Zendaya Chani Dune
Tom Holland Spiderman Spiderman
Zendaya Michelle Jones-Watson (MJ)
Timothee Chalamet Paul Atreides Dune
Roberto Gomez Bolanos El Chapulin Colorado El Chapulin Colorado
Samuel L. Jackson
Nick Fury The Avengers
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson The Foundation Fortnite
Tom Holland Nathan Drake Uncharted
Sophia Taylor Ali Chloe Frazer
Ming-Naw Wen Fennec Shand Book of the Boba Fett


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