Fortnite: All Latest Leaks, Events, and Upcoming Skins | June 2023

Fortnite Latest Leaks June 2023

In arguably the most famous battle royale game, Fortnite, leaks have been a big part of the game’s community, whether the leaks would be a reality or not. Taken from various sources, we will talk about all of Fortnite’s latest leaks. From events to upcoming skins in June 2023. Let’s get to it!

Fortnite’s Latest Leaks this June 2023

Chain Launcher

A new grenade launcher variant! From a tweet that surfaced from user @HYPEX on Twitter, there will be a new weapon that adds new gameplay to Fortnite. This addition is expected to be released in the near future.

The weapon looks a lot like a proximity grenade launcher, as seen in the video above. But for it to operate, you need to fire two rounds.

  • The first shot will attach to a surface, making it one side point of the chain.
  • The second shot will attach to another nearby surface, linking the two surfaces together.

Following his chain launcher tweet, this well-known leaker also tweeted about the chain looking similar to the LEGO Chain Links. This can be taken as a hint about the upcoming Fortnite collaboration with LEGO.

For now, it is unclear what’s the purpose of this said chain launcher. From the clip, we can only assume that this launcher can only be used on vehicles. But who knows? Maybe there will be a great use of the launcher if it appears in the game in the future.

Grapple Gloves Returns

The Grapple Glove was first introduced in Fortnite in Chapter 3 Season 3. The item itself gives you the ability to travel fast across the arena by grappling and swinging. However, this particular gadget gets vaulted in Chapter 3 Season 4, meaning that players won’t be able to find it in the match.

But recently, Twitter Fortnite leaker @Wensoing tweeted regarding Grapple Gloves. In the tweet, the leaker claims that the gadget might return to the game. 

New Event

As of now, there are still no new leaks regarding the new event. The most recent event, however, came with the Chapter 4 Season 3 update. The “Wilds” event released new skins, weapons, and augments previously leaked from various accounts.

  • Players can jump on and ride raptors
  • New Thermal DMR and Flapjack Rifle
  • Kinetic Boomerang
  • Cybertron Cannon
  • Wildwasp Jar
  • New reality augments

Upcoming Skins

Fortnite Latest Leaks June 2023
DC Skins Fortnite, image courtesy of Epic Games

From Twitter user @ShiinaBR, the infamous DC skins will return to the Fortnite Item Shop. With this leak and The Flash movie being released, players anticipate whether a new skin in honor of The Flash will come to the game.

In addition to the DC skins, the same Fortnite leaker also stated that Marvel skins, especially Nick Fury skin, will return to the game. The skin is assumed to return to the Item Shop around June 21.

There you go! The latest leaks on Fortnite! Are you excited about future Fortnite updates? Check back here from time to time to learn about the latest news in the world of Fortnite leaks!

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