Fortnite: All Spring Breakout Quests and rewards + What’s new?

Fortnite All Spring Breakout Quests and rewards + What's new - Featured

The latest update in Fortnite is finally here and players can enjoy all kinds of new quests and rewards from the Spring Breakout event! If you are looking to enjoy the Easter festivities in Epic Games’ popular battle royale, keep reading to know more all about it. Here is everything new coming to Fortnite, as well as the Spring Breakout quests and what rewards you get for completing them.

Fortnite update 24.10 is now live in the game, bringing new content to Chapter 4 Season 2

Following the launch of Lantern Fest in Fortnite, the game is celebrating Easter next with the Spring Breakout event. Seen as this is the highlight of the update, there are plenty of new items and weapons for players to enjoy as they try scoring a Victory Royale on Battle Island.

Here is what you need to know about the Spring Breakout event in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

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Egg Launchers are making their way back in the game

Keeping up with the theme of Easter and eggs, one thing we are most excited about is the Egg Launcher being unvaulted. You can obtain this weapon in a variety of ways: loot Chests, find them lying on the ground, or interact with NPCs across the Island to purchase them.

If you have already gotten your hands on one in the previous Easter celebrations, then you have an idea how this weapon works. Think of it as a Grenade Launcher, the only difference is that it launches egg projectiles.

  • Egg Launchers use Rockets as its ammunition. It also does not stick to players when launched, but you can shoot it at surfaces. Once it sticks, you have to wait for a few seconds before the projectile detonates.
  • This weapon is perfect for tearing down enemy towers. If a player is in its blast zone, they can get damaged. However, we highly recommend using this to destroy structures instead.

Chickens and Eggs can be found on the Island

While Spring Breakout is on-going, there are new Chickens and Eggs for players to find on the Island. By interacting with the Special Eggs left on the ground by Chickens, you can receive different types of temporary buffs.

  • Green Eggs – restores a player’s Health and Shield Points over time.
  • Blue Eggs – gives players a “low gravity effect” while giving Health Points.
  • Golden Eggs – rewards players with Bars.
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New Reality Augments and Specialist Characters are available

Another exciting update in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 are new Reality Augments and Specialist Characters you can hire.

The new Reality Augments in this update are the following:

  • Aquatic Warrior
  • Game Time
  • Go For Broke
  • Rail Warrior

As for the Specialist Characters, you can hire them to help you get one step closer to that Victory Royale.

  • Scout Specialist – pings nearby enemies and Chests. This Specialist can attack enemies at long range using their Sniper.
  • Heavy Specialist – is the Tank among the Specialists as they can take more damage compared to others. This Specialist uses explosives to fight.
  • Supply Specialist – assists players by dropping materials and ammo.
  • Medical Specialist – can heal players using Chug Splashes to regenerate your Health and Shield Points.
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Super Level Styles for Chapter 4 Season 2

Super level styles for the current Battle Pass skins are also now available in Fortnite. Keep in mind that you can only obtain these styles by completing the entire Battle Pass for this season.

All Spring Breakout quests and rewards you can get

The Spring Breakout quests are now live in Fortnite, and you have until April 11 to accomplish all of them! The Quest Log in the game will be updated every day, so make sure to check them so you can get the following rewards:


Collect a Golden Egg 20,000 EXP Points
Talk to Cluck
Use two Heal Eggs and a piece of meat in a single match
Collect an egg within five seconds of it being laid
Hire any Specialist Character
Deal 50 damage to players with your Specialist Character
Take a quick swim in the hot springs at Steamy Springs
Give a command to your hired Specialist Character
Eat 10 pieces of food
Deal 500 damage using Shotguns
Using an Egg Launcher, deal 1000 damage to structures
Eliminate three enemies with a Sniper Rifle
Catch two fish
Swim 300 meters
Unlock 15 Chests
Go to three Cherry Blossom tree displays found on the Island ‘Bloomback Sack’ Back Bling
Place 4 Chicken Crossing signs at either Frenzy Fields or Kenjutsu Crossing ‘The Works’ Loading Screen
Deal 100 damage to players while buff from a Hope Egg is in effect ‘Shell Smash’ Spray
Jump 50 times in a single match ‘A Spring Breakout’ Banner Icon
Complete 12 Spring Breakout quests ‘Nannerbloom Hammer’ Harvesting Tool/Pickaxe
Complete 22 Spring Breakout quests ‘Fresh Flyer’ Glider
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There have also been various bug fixes in this update, so we’re sure you’ll have a smooth celebration of Easter with the Spring Breakout event! Which reward are you looking forward to getting in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2? Let us know in the comments below! For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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