Fortnite All Vehicles, Stats and Location

What good would be a game like Fortnite without any vehicles? It’s always fun to explore new vehicles and get an edge over other players, as they can help you reach destinations faster, as well as protect you from direct attacks. Apart from that, some vehicles can provide you terrain advantage as well.

Also, almost all vehicles in Fortnite can help you inflict some form of damage on your opponents, while at the same time protecting you. Fortnite is now rapidly adding more and more vehicles for you to enjoy. The latest vehicles they launched were UFO Saucer and a new sportscar Ferrari. So, it is best to know what each vehicle in Fortnite does and where you can find them. The following chart will help you with the same and we hope it makes your gaming experience much easier!

Fortnite Battle Royale – All Vehicles

S. No Vehicle Name Seats Hitpoints Damage Best Locations
1.       Shopping Cart 2 400 Cannot Damage Players Tilted Tower, Retail Row
2.       All Terrain Kart 4 400 Cannot Damage Players Snobby Shores, Paradise Palm
3.       Quadcrasher 2 400 Ram Damage Campsides, Garages
4.       Mounted Turret 1 1,000 Can deal damage Floor Loot, Supply Drops
5.       X-4 Stormwing 5 5,000 Ram damage, and Machine Gun Snowmando Outposts
6.       Driftboard 1 300 Cannot Damage Players Loot Lake, Polar Peak
7.       Pirate Cannon 2 800 Cannonball Damage Pleasant Park, Frozen Lake
8.       The Baller 1 150 Cannot Damage Players Pleasant Park, Salty Springs
9.       B.R.U.T.E. 2 1,250 Shotgun, Stomp, Self-Destruct Damage Random
10.    Motorboat 4 800 Missile Damage Drop Shop, Slurpy Swamp
11.    Choppa 5 1,500 Ram Damage, Blade Damage Doom’s Domain, Stark Industries
12.    Loot Shark 1 2,000 Bites at players for damage Rickety Rig,

The Fortilla

13.    Islander Prevalent 4 800 Ram Damage Satellite Stations, IO Camps
14.    Victory Motors Whiplash 2 1,000 Ram Damage Stark Industries, Sweaty Sands
15.    OG Bear 4 1,200 Ram Damage Catty Corner, Lazy Lake
16.    Titano Mudflap 2 1,200 Ram Damage Catty Corner, Lazy Lake
17.    Saucer 5 600 Ram Damage Food Fighter, Cargo Craft
18.    Ferrari 296 GTB 2 800 Ram Damage Believer Beach, Lazy Lake


Please Note

  • The locations mentioned in the chart are the ones where you are most likely to find each of these vehicles. In Fortnite vehicles can spawn anytime and anywhere on the map, hence there is no surety of finding them at any of the mentioned spots, but again, they are most probable ones.
  • It’s better to look for them in these places and wait for them to spawn, rather that randomly running all around the map. Choose a greater hit point vehicle if you need protection; faster vehicle if you are short on time; or a higher damage offering vehicle if you want to rule your opponents.

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