Fortnite Battle Bus Spotted By Fan At Universal Studios California

Fortnite is, without any doubt, one of the biggest Battle Royale games of all time with a huge user base and immense popularity. Over the years we have seen Fortnite do countless collaborations with movie studios, comic book publishers, sportspersons, artists, and other game publishers. We saw the introduction of many skins and items related to these collaborations but what we are about to see now will power Fortnite into a whole new league.

Battle Bus in Hollywood

According to new leaked images, a life-size version of Battle Bus is being developed in Universal Studios. Till now we saw universal studios’ properties appearing in Fortnite but now we’ll see Fortnite taking the center stage in real life. As you may know, Battle Bus is one of the primary vehicles used in the popular Battle Royale game.

Not one but many fans saw the Battle Bus right outside Universal Studios. Apparently, it has two modes, a regular one, and a night mode. Night mode from the images is basically the Battle Bus lit up using vibrant colored LED strips. It looks exactly like the Battle us from the games minus the balloon on top of it. Maybe by the time, it’s ready to be announced, they’ll add the balloon as well.

To make a life-size version of the same at Hollywood is something that will set Fortnite totally apart. Not only would it be a huge deal when it happens, but it will also become a part of their legacy and make the game iconic forever. But what exactly does the Battle Bus at Universal Studios stand for?

What Does It Mean?

It can easily be derived that it may have been created to celebrate the annual Fortnitemares event.  According to a particular leaker, you can visit the Battle Bus and Fortnite cosplay characters at Universal CityWalk. Also, different characters will appear throughout the month, with special appearances by new Fortnitemares characters. These new characters will appear near the bus the day they go live in the Item Shop.

So, it could be a pretty exciting month for the Fortnite fans in L.A. One question that needs to be asked here is that what will happen to the Battle Bus once the event celebrations are over?

A thing like this can’t just be made for a single event and the following are some speculations around its future.
  • A Fortnite Movie? Well, it won’t be totally crazy or undoable. After all, it’s been 5 years since its release, and it has done a lot for promoting Hollywood. A Fortnite movie would be well deserved but it seems a bit improbable.
  • A Fortnite theme park? Now, this is what can be deemed much more realistic and probable. Fortnite has a lot of cool content, and it would be quite easy and profitable to create such a park with fun activities. A life-size version of Battle Bus could be the beginning of the next big theme park of the world.

Apart from this last part, the rest of the information can be taken seriously because these are live real-world images. Such images cannot be faked, so a Battle Bus is parked outside Hollywood for sure and it remains to be seen, how much fun it brings along. An official announcement for the same can be expected really soon now as the cat’s out of the bag.

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