Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Epic Donating All Proceeds to Ukraine

Following the launch of Fortnite‘s newest season, Resistance, Epic announced that proceeds from in-game purchases in the next two weeks will be donated to Ukraine. In less than a week, they have raised over $50 million USD.

Epic Games donates to humanitarian relief for Ukraine with the help of Xbox

Epic announced in a blog post that from March 20, 2022 to April 3, 2022, they are “committing all its Fortnite proceeds” for people affected by the war in Ukraine. Moreover, Xbox is joining them in donating their net proceeds to provide more resources for the people of Ukraine.

Furthermore, Epic Games shared that donations will come from purchases of cosmetic and V-Bucks packs. They will also include retail purchases of V-Bucks cards. However, these are only counted if they are redeemed in-game from March 20 to April 3.

Fortnite - Resistance Season
Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Epic is not waiting to collect a certain amount before donating

In the FAQ section of their blog post, Epic Games clarified that they are “not waiting for the actual funds to come in from our platform and payment partners”. According to Epic, this is because it will take a while for them to collect from transactions. What Epic does is they log every transaction made and quickly send over the funds to relief organizations in Ukraine.

Fortnite - Dr Strange Season
Image Courtesy of Epic Games

This initiative from Epic Games and Xbox is not affecting the earnings of players in the Support-A-Creator program. According to Epic, they will “separately fund all Creator affiliate payments from code usage” in the two-week window.

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