Fortnite: Chapter 4 release date + What’s new?

Fortnite Chapter 4 release date + What's new

Are you excited about the upcoming holidays? Not just entirely about the occasion and parties but the new chapter of Fortnite! We hope you collected all the rewards in Chapter 3 Season 4 though. And if you haven’t been updated with this new era yet, then let us walk you through all the information you need. Fortnite begins Chapter 4, and here’s the release date, what’s new, leaks, and a few about the Creative 2.0 too!

Fortnite Chapter 4

At this point, Fortnite players just enjoy all the newest content that Epic Games offer every season of the game. Although, it’s a different one when we talk about Fortnite’s chapter. Before this year ends, Fortnite announces a new chapter on the way, here are the details starting from Chapter 3 Season 4.

  • Alright, after running for a year, Chapter 3 nears its end with Season 4. The chapter closes in a few weeks, on Saturday, December 3rd, 2022, according to Fortnite’s official website.
Fortnite Chapter 4, chapter 3 season 4
Image Courtesy of Fortnite
  • The end of this era is confirmed via a Tweet of Fortnite. A Finale Event happens on the same day it ends and is called Fracture, so stay tuned for that!
  • And while you still have time, collect all the rewards you can get in Chapter 3 Season 4’s Battle Pass! It would be great to have Spider-Gwen, you know *winks*. Complete the quests and collect those goodies, and let’s see Chapter 4 together!

Release Date

Moving on, let’s go to the details of Chapter 4. The new chapter event is a rare sight for Fortnite players, but seasons do constantly change. Now we do expect the best for this upcoming era, right?

  • Moreover, the above-mentioned date means that Fornite Chapter 4 is just around the corner. Wait, remember we mentioned the holidays? By that, we meant that the next era of Fortnite officially begins on Sunday, December 4th, 2022. You’re probably used to at least 10 hours of downtime when Fortnite releases a new season, so the same goes for this one.

What’s new?

Oh, we know that Fortnite data miners would never be when it comes to what’s coming and new in December. Of course, the following details are subject to changes and these are just possibilities seen by these leakers and data miners.

First-Person Camera Mode

  • The favorite data miner of probably all Fortnite players, HYPEX shares via Tweet a possibility of a First Person Camera (POV) Mode in the game. This may have hyped players, especially those who love to play Zero Build Modes!
  • Epic Games may have started the development of this camera mode way back in Chapter 3 Season 3, so we hope we get this once the next Chapter begins!

Skating and/or skateboarding

  • In case you’ve been present since the hoverboard days of Fortnite, maybe you’ll love this possibility too! Also in June, HYPEX mentions that Epic Games have been working on a skating mechanic or skateboard as a vehicle in the game. Maybe we can also expect that in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, yes?!

  • Hmm, aside from skateboarding and skating, have you thought of riding motorcycles and animals in Fortnite? Well, according to HYPEX, these are two of the five major leaked things to look forward next Chapter. We’ll see about that in December, exciting!

Creative 2.0 AKA Unreal Engine for Fortnite

  • Honestly, we’ve been waiting for this too, and hopefully, it comes true. This leads us back to October when a leaked photo of allegedly a Creative 2.0 update washed Fortnite fans on Twitter. Apparently, it shows a Fortnite x Pokemon kind of like design, with some Pokemon scattered in the area. Well, can we expect this one too?
Fortnite Chapter 4, creative 2.0
Image Courtesy of @FNBRCreate via Twitter
  • Well, we may not be entirely certain about the Fortnite x Pokemon, but the UEFN is definitely coming to you, players! ShiinaBR, also a known leaker for Fortnite, confirmed this on November 9th. Creative 2.0 comes together with the next Battle Royale season, and here’s the Tweet for you!

Weapons and Skins

  • As of this writing, there are no leaks yet on possible new weapons and skins. However, we’re pretty sure we can expect brand-new cosmetics in the game. Maybe collaborations here and there when the Fortnite Chapter 4 starts, right? Let’s wait for that to happen!

Are you ready for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1’s Battle Pass? Because we are!

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