Fortnite Charge SMG
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With Fortnite’s full update, it meant new content, weapons, and more, and here we are to guide you on how to get the Charge SMG!

Fortnite’s Newest Update

Fortnite has been regularly updating to offer new skins, new weapons, and new updates (in general) for fans to enjoy the game, as competition tightens. Currently in their second month of Chapter 3, Season 3, they are to continue “Vibin'” as a Firework Flare gun and the addition of Captain America in the item shop (again) makes its way to Fortnite to celebrate the 4th of July!

Moreover, the Indiana Jones skins also unveil this Fortnite v21.20 update. You may want to check out the Battle Pass for this Chapter 3 Season 3 to have access to the quests to acquire Indiana Jones and his artifact accessories. The newest update with Indiana Jones adds a new map location of Shuffled Shrines. Most of the quests are to be accomplished in the new map!

Fortnite’s Charge SMG

After updates on rides, boss fights, and maps, Fortnite comes to add a new arsenal in the game. Charge SMG can be found and used during your game time. Moreover, it substitutes the default Combat SMG for the time being. Well, you must get it right now, like as soon as possible! So stick around with us as we walk you through how to get this weapon!

How To Get the Charge SMG

You may want to know that Charge SMG may function quite similarly to the Charge Shotgun. This short-range weapon quite excites the fans and players of Fortnite, especially now in Chapter 3 Season 3.

As it is a temporary substitute to Combat SMG, you may acquire and make use of the all-new Charge SMG from Supply Drops, the ground map, Chests, and Reality Saplings. Moreover, the Charge SMG is available for common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic rarities, respectively.

The deal damage of the gun when shot ranges between 81 and 104 depending on its rarity. Furthermore, whether the rarity, the damage done is still huge. However, you may want to know how it is used! As long as you use the Charge SMG correctly, the damage it does surely is painful. Of course, you have to charge the weapon first. Hold the fire button for a while until a small scale appears, then be ready to fire the new SMG.

Also, it takes quite an amount of time for the Charge SMS to get fully charged, so take cover while charging to avoid being shot (and you can surprise your enemy too!). If surprising circumstances happen, such as an enemy popping out of nowhere, you may use the gun but it depends on how charged it is.

More on the Charge SMG

As only available for a limited time, it would be nice to try using the Charge SMG. Although, we advise you not to use the game for fast and heated battles since charging the weapon would not be beneficial for you. You might want to un-pick Charge SMG for battling many people and high-intensity fights. Additionally, you may want to hoard (to the maximum!) ammunition because you will be needing a lot when using the Charge SMG!

Well, that’s what we know so far! Are you ready to take on battles with the Charge SMG?

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