Fortnite - Star Wars Battle Pass
Image Courtesy of @funniicat via Twitter

After every Fortnite update, there are bound to be leaks coming about the succeeding updates. For the latest leaks about the game, the next battle pass and its rewards were already revealed to the public last week. Aside from Peter Griffin, some major figures in the Star Wars saga may get their own skins in Fortnite.

The upcoming battle pass in Fortnite may take us to a galaxy far, far away as Star Wars is the theme for next season

After leakers collected the data from Fortnite’s game files, @Solar1271 went to work on rendering the skin included in the Star Wars battle pass.

The skins obtainable through the battle pass are all iconic characters from the Star Wars saga. Check out the images below for a better look at the skins that may come next season.

Luke Skywalker

Fortnite - Luke Skywalker Skin
Image Courtesy of @funniicat via Twitter

The first skin we have is that of Luke Skywalker. In the rendered model of his skin, it shows Luke wearing his iconic all-black outfit from Return of the Jedi. Additionally, what this symbolizes is Luke’s potential fall to the dark side. If that is the case, it’ll be interesting to see how his character behaves in Fortnite.

Leia Organa

Fortnite - Leia Organa Skin
Image Courtesy of @funniicat via Twitter

Next up is Princess Leia Organa, Luke’s younger sister. The rendered skin shows Leia wearing her all-white outfit from The Empire Strikes Back.


Fortnite - C-3PO Skin
Image Courtesy of @funniicat via Twitter

And how could we forget about our favorite C-3PO? Although in the films, C-3PO’s joints are usually tight-moving, it’s interesting to imagine what he would look like as a Fortnite character.

Han Solo

Fortnite - Han Solo Skin
Image Courtesy of @funniicat via Twitter

Fourth on the list is the galaxy’s most impulsive smuggler yet: Han Solo. The rendered skin for his character wears his iconic outfit of a black vest with a white shirt underneath. If you have Han Solo’s skin, will you also get his near-perfect shooting aim?

Ben Kenobi

Fortnite - Ben Kenobi Skin
Image Courtesy of @funniicat via Twitter

Before he became Ben Kenobi, he was known as Obi-Wan Kenobi. But because of his exile, he decided to go by his nickname. Luke’s mentor is also arriving in Fortnite, donning his outfit of a brown robe with cream-colored garments underneath.

Darth Vader

Fortnite - Darth Vader Skin
Image Courtesy of @funniicat via Twitter

If we have Luke Skywalker, then we also need his biggest enemy: his father, Darth Vader. When news broke out about Fortnite possibly releasing more Star Wars skins, fans eagerly anticipated the Dark Lord of the Sith to arrive.

Moreover, there were leaks about Darth Vader being in a boss battle in the newest season of Fortnite. Other leakers remarked that Darth Vader’s boss battle is similar to The Mandalorian fight from Chapter 2 Season 5.

Unknown Character

Fortnite - Unknown Skin S3C3
Image Courtesy of @funniicat via Twitter

Finally, there is a character with the placeholder name of ‘???’ and only a silhouette in place of its skin. Even though this character is still unknown, the figure is no stranger to avid Star Wars fans.

From the silhouette, it depicts someone wearing a cloak with the hood up. And if you look closely in the symbol on the left, it clearly shows that the character is from the Republic. What this means is this character is one of the Siths, meaning they’re a bad guy.

If that’s the case, then we’re definitely getting a Darth Sidious A.K.A. Palpatine skin in Fortnite.

But all these Fortnite leaks about Star Wars are still unconfirmed

If Epic Games confirms this collaboration, then we can definitely assume that these are the character skins coming. However, we should treat this information how we treat other leaks. Even though they came from reliable sources and look legit, we can’t assume that they are true unless confirmed by Epic themselves again.

But fret not because Fortnite’s CCO, Donald Mustard, has been dropping hints about Star Wars in Fortnite. First was him tweeting a suspicious picture of Star Wars pixel art in Paris.

The second was him commenting on a YouTube video about lightsabers arriving in Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite.

Fortnite - CCO YT

What are your thoughts about all these Star Wars skins coming to Fortnite? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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