Epic’s epic game that took the entire human existence, if not, the entire internet by storm – Fortnite, has crossed $100 million in total revenue in its first 90 days on iOS devices.

The news comes from Sensory Tower that states Fortnite “has reached $100 million in worldwide player spending on Apple’s mobile platform.”

Initially Epic released Fortnite in an invite-only form that spanned a total of two weeks. Despite that, Fortnite has earned three times more than the popular MOBA Arena of Valor and over four times the total revenue collected by Knives Out, a mobile battle royale.

Fortnite stands second in the race to $100 million, first being Supercell’s magical Clash Royale. It took Clash Royale players just 51 days to spend over $100 million in total.

Fortnite iOS
Sensory Tower

Fortnite has played the role of Turbo in the car called Epic Games. Since Fortnite, Epic Games has been on fire with increased revenue and focused maintenance for the game.

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