Fortnite: Cube Queen Debut, When Will She Come Out?

The recent update 18.21 in Fortnite brought a lot of new things to the battle royale title. Among these new additions is the Cube Queen herself, who signifies the beginning of the end of Fortnite’s Halloween event. Her entry into the game has brought with it the Wrath of the Cube Queen.

Check out the trailer for the Cube Queen below:

The Cube Queen can currently be found above the Convergence, the mysterious structure that is the center of Fortnitemares. The Queen can be seen in a bubble, hovering by herself. Hypex, the popular Fortnite leaker, has stated that the Cube Queen will start to spread Sideways to the entire island as she attempts to bring the island under her control.

The Convergence or the Cube Town POI is going to be turned into a Pyramid POI. This will be the exact moment when the Cube Queen will begin to react. It has been speculated that players will then be able to interact with her and fight her, and if they manage to defeat her, they will be handsomely rewarded with valuable loot.

Another leak confirms these rumors, while also adding on to them by stating that the Cubes will be taking over the Fortnite island, resulting in an explosion at the center of the island, which is also said to be the Zero Point.

Cube Town

We do not know yet if the Zero Point itself will explode, but this might be the end of Season 8, and we will be carried into Season 9 to experience the aftermath of the explosion and the attack of the Cube Queen.

Meanwhile, players will have to wait for the Cube Queen to come out of her bubble. They will have to do their best to keep the Cube Queen at bay by battling her and gathering as much loot as they can.

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