Fortnite: Darth Vader – Where to Find and How to Beat

In this article, we will discuss how to defeat Luke Skywalker’s Father Darth Vader, and where to find him in Fortnite.

We have all the tips you’ll need to defeat Darth Vader and grab his Mythic Lightsaber weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. Darth Vader has finally arrived on the Island.

Fortnite: Darth Vader

After the Imagined Order was vanquished, Fortnite players thought they would be allowed to continue playing the game in peace. With the most recent 21.10 update, Darth Vader has nonetheless begun his mission to take the Island.

Even if it is challenging to defeat him, it is rewarding since whoever does will be able to get Darth Vader’s Lightsaber, a brand-new Mythic weapon that can be launched at players like a boomerang.

Darth Vader Location

Screengrab Courtesy of Gummyoshi via YouTube
    • Be careful when you land because two Stormtroopers will be joining Darth Vader and will attack you immediately away. You will have to deal with 3 enemies at the same time.
  • Darth Vader will spawn in a different spot on the Fortnite battleground for each game. You may simply find him by waiting in the Battle Bus until a large spacecraft passes by.
  • While patiently waiting and this happens, get off of the Battle Bus and follow it to the ground. The spacecraft won’t be marked on the map, but you can still see it because it will be giving off a beam of light.
  • You should be aware that while you have the option to land straight on the ship, it’s best to leave a little space between you and the opponents.
    • Darth Vader is a pretty formidable opponent who is even escorted by Stormtroopers who will fire at you if they see you.
    • Before you try to fight them, you’ll want to secure a decent weapon.

How to Defeat Darth Vader

Fortnite C3S3 - Darth Vader
Screengrab Courtesy of Epic Games via YouTube
    • Like every boss battle in Fortnite, taking down Darth Vader won’t be easy.
    • He has two massive health bars that you must pass through, and he executes a number of devastating attack patterns, such as the force, to keep you from fleeing.
    • You can then use the Stormtroopers’ E-11 Blaster Rifle, a formidable laser weapon with a limitless supply of ammo.
  • The ideal plan is to land nearby, find a weapon, and then use it stealthily to kill the Stormtroopers.
    • The reason this weapon is the best choice for defeating Darth Vader is that you won’t have to worry about running out of ammunition.

      Screengrab Courtesy of Gummyoshi via YouTube
  • Aim for the head, and keep your distance, we don’t want Darth Vader near us.
    • You should maintain the greatest feasible gap between you and Darth Vader while employing any weapon.
    • You won’t be able to escape his lightsaber throw, lunge, or Force strikes with much dexterity, but if you maintain some space from him, you will at least be able to avoid his lethal lightsaber swings.
    • He can stop your projectiles even from a distance, so you’ll need to come up with strategies to deal with that.
    • Because of this, teaming up with other players to battle Darth Vader becomes almost essential.
  • Darth Vader is challenging to defeat on your own, so it is advisable to attack Vader while he is attacking another player.

Darth Vader Will Drop His Lightsaber

  • If you defeat Darth Vader, he will leave his Lightsaber on the ground.
  • You can use this weapon to deal melee damage and deflect incoming fire much like other Lightsabers in the game.
  • The main distinction is that you may also throw Darth Vader’s Lightsaber at other opponents by aiming and clicking the fire key, giving you the ability to deal long-range damage.
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