The Dreamhack Open Tournaments hosted by Fortnite have been a huge success among players and fans; gathering quite a bit of interest in it. While the last Dreamhack Open happened between August 11 and 19, we have been glad to hear that the next event is coming next month!

Players can get an experience of the Competitive Fortnite during the Dreamhack Open Tournaments without too much thought. As to when the next event might be happening, we might just have to wait a while. The announcement for the event usually comes a long time before the event actually takes place, and it has this time as well.

The announcement was made by the Dreamhack Fortnite Twitter page that the Dreamhack Open ft. Fortnite will take place from October 7-10 in NA East and in Europe, while the Cash Cup Extra will be taking place on October 6, November 3, and December 1 in NA East and Europe.

How To Qualify

  • The qualification to enter the Tournament is quite simple. Players have to be 13 years or older, and they should have their two-factor authentication enabled.
  • They just simply have to be available at the right time when the event takes place. The October game event will be a Duos mode yet again, even though there were requests from players for Solos.

Point System

  • After registering, players will be able to take part in the tournament where they will receive points, 60 points for the first, 53 for the second, and 49 for the third.
  • From the fourth to the fifteenth, the players will be awarded, from 47 to 1 points according to their finish position.
  • The players can take part in two Heat events, Heat One and Heat Two, where they can compete in up to 10 matches to gain qualifying points.
  • 500 players will be allowed to progress onto the next stage, the Grand Final Qualifier. In this stage, 10 matches will be played again, where 100 players will be selected for the Grand Finals. The Grand Finals will feature 8 games, from which the winners will be selected.
  • The Cash Cup extra will be played by the highest-placed teams in the Trio Cash Cups that happen weekly. All the competitions are accessible for players of all regions, so get going and register, players!

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