Fortnite Durrrburger Map
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Fortnite offers an Indian Jones skin this season, and to obtain that you have to find Durrrburger Relics, and we walk you through it here! So stick around to know more.

Where Can You Find the Durrburger Relics

There are two relics in total for you to successfully accomplish this quest to get the Indian Jones skin. These Durrrburger Relics can be found on two temples in Fortnite— one in The Ruins, while the other in The Temple. You can navigate on the map below to see your way to the areas where the relics can be found.

Moreover, both these temples are in the northeast portion of the map, quite near The Daily Bugle. You may refer to the encircled areas below! You might as well try to drop by early to get going with the other quests! Stay with us to know how to get the Durrrburger Relics!

Fortnite Durrrburger Map Relics
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Obtaining the Durrrbuger Relics

You may want to visit The Daily Bugle and head straight to the Fortnite Temple near it so there’s a lesser chance to face opponents! Also, this has to be completed in a single match so you have to fight your way to get the two Durrrburger Relics.

Fortnite Durrrburger Relic
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The Durrrburger Relics show randomly in different locations in the two Fortnite Temples. As you go near the Relics, there will be a visible white exclamation point on your minimap, so be observant!

Fortnite Durrrburger Relic View
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This may be a short guide for the areas you can see the Durrburger Relics. You can decide where to go first, just make sure to complete gathering both relics. When going around the area, you may want to use the Grapple Glove spawn points to roam around quicker!

Durrrburger Relic at The Temple

The Durrrburger Relic at the Temple mostly shows itself inside. You might want to look at the bottom part of the structure. You should go to the northeast side of The Daily Bugle. Try to enter through the south entrance and pass the two-lit braziers. You can find your way to the Durrrburger Relic once you pass here. Now keep your eyes on the ground to find the Relic here at the Temple.

Durrrburger Relic at The Ruins

After gathering the first relic, you can proceed to look for the second. If you happen to get the Relic from The Temple first, go to the peninsula west of The Daily Bugle. When you reach The Ruins from The Daily Bugle, enter through the southern side, and up the stairwell. You may want to look from the outside, facing the ocean, if the relic is not there, you can begin searching for the exclamation point aka the Durrrburger Relic around The Ruins.

After Obtaining the Durrrbuger Relics

Once you obtain both the Durrburger Relics, you don’t have to do anything more, as this automatically clears your challenge quest. When you finish the match, you will immediately be rewarded with the Expedition Bag. It is a satchel with a golden Tomato Head design. Well, you can move on to the next quest, open the secret door in the Shuffled Shrines and loot the Tomato Head there!

There you have the guide to get the Durrrburger Relics. Share with us your experience after!

Fortnite Durrrburger Relic Quest Complete
Image Courtesy of Epic Games
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