Fortnite: Explosive Repeater Rifle | How to Get & Use

Fortnite: Explosive Repeater Rifle | How to Get & Use

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, Epic Games has introduced a powerful weapon that can deal explosive damage to opponents. Most players consider this too overpowered, so you should jump on the hype train and make the most of this weapon before it gets nerfed. In this guide, we will explain how to get and effectively use the Explosive Repeater Rifle in Fortnite, replacing the Heavy Sniper Rifle. Let’s dive into the details.

Ultimate Fortnite Guide: Mastering the Fortnite Explosive Repeater Rifle

Introducing the Explosive Repeater Rifle, a formidable addition to Fortnite’s ever-expanding arsenal. This versatile weapon combines precision and explosive power to deliver a unique combat experience. Whether you prefer medium-range skirmishes or long-range engagements, the Explosive Repeater Rifle is designed to excel in both scenarios.

How to Obtain the Explosive Repeater Rifle

The Explosive Repeater Rifle in Fortnite can be obtained through various methods:

  • Chests and Floor Loot: The rifle is available in all rarities, making it relatively easy to find. Regular and Rare Chests, as well as Holo-Chests, can yield the Explosive Repeater Rifle. Additionally, keep an eye out for floor loot.
  • Buying from NPC Nia: NPC Nia offers the Explosive Repeater Rifle for 250 Gold Bars. You can find Nia near Steamy Springs, marked on the in-game map.

How to use the Explosive Repeater Rifle

The Explosive Repeater Rifle is a versatile weapon best suited for medium and long-range combat. Its unique feature is the ability to cause explosive damage even if the bullet doesn’t hit the target directly. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Damage and Range: The Explosive Repeater Rifle inflicts 112 damage on headshots and 45 damage on body shots. It excels in mid-range combat scenarios.
  • Magazine and Fire Rate: With a 5-round magazine and a fire rate of 0.95, the rifle allows for sustained fire during intense battles. However, remember that missed shots will only deal 38 damage through its explosive powers.
  • Reloading: The Explosive Repeater Rifle has a reload time of 3.75 seconds. It is crucial to strategize your reloads to avoid leaving yourself vulnerable to attacks.
  • Enhancements and Strategies: To maximize your effectiveness with the Explosive Repeater Rifle, consider the following enhancements and strategies:
    • Heavy Ammo: Collect heavy ammo to ensure a steady supply for reloading.
    • Structural Damage: The rifle’s explosive capabilities make it ideal for destroying enemy structures, providing an advantage in engagements. Use it strategically to weaken opponents’ defenses.

Make the most out of it before it’s nerfed!

The Explosive Repeater Rifle is a formidable addition to Fortnite’s arsenal, offering explosive damage potential and versatility in medium and long-range combat. By following the methods to obtain the rifle and implementing effective strategies, you can harness its power to secure victories on the battlefield.

  • Remember to utilize the rifle strategically, taking advantage of its 5-round magazine size and high fire rate.
  • Whether you engage directly or use its explosive capabilities to dismantle enemy structures, the Explosive Repeater Rifle can help you emerge victorious in your Fortnite matches.
  • Keep exploring, adapting, and honing your skills to master this potent weapon and dominate the battlefield.
  • You can also use this weapon to defeat the Wildguard Relik Mythic Boss in Fortnite. By firing the Explosive Repeater Rifle at this boss, you can easily clear this and claim the high-tier loot he drops.

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