Fortnite Festival x The Weeknd: New skins, event date and more details

The Weeknd skin Fortnite Festival

Abel Tesfaye AKA The Weeknd is the latest artist to enter the world of Fortnite with his upcoming collaboration for Fortnite Festival. The Rock Band-esque game is made by the same studio Harmonix in collaboration with Epic Games for an immersive music experience inside the battle royale game’s universe. Let’s take a look at all the details about this collaboration including exclusive skins and other cosmetic items inspired by The Weeknd. 

The Weeknd’s new skins on Fortnite

Thanks to the R&B singer’s hyped collab with Fortnite Festival, the game will feature an impressive array of skins and cosmetics in the Item Store. Players can access this using the Exclusive Festival Pass and a paid version’s subscription even includes the iconic After Hours-style red suit skin.

The lineup of cosmetics includes:

  • The Weeknd Combat Skin
  • XO Backbling
  • Axe-O Pickaxe
  • XO Attack Wrap
  • Popular Vibe Emote
  • XO 6-String Guitar
  • XO Keys Keytar

Abel Tesfaye’s collaboration with Fortnite adds to an already stellar lineup of musicians who have joined hands with the blockbuster game. Notably, artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande have all performed in in-game concerts using their virtual avatars. 

What is Fortnite Festival?

The battle royale game takes an unconventional turn thanks to the collaboration between Harmonix and Epic Games. Fortnite Festival allows players to get into The Weeknd’s world of music as they can tap notes in sync with his performance and watch the artist be at his absolute virtual best.

The recent Eminem concert inside the game teased these features and the new trailer offers an extensive glimpse into the new event. Purchasing cosmetic items related to Abel Tesfaye such as themed microphones and keytars brings players closer to the artist in the game.

Event date, price and more

The artist’s skins and other cosmetic add-ons are likely to be available on December 9, which is also the launch date for the musical game event. In the coming days, Epic Games will release more updates regarding this in-game event and the exclusive items based on the Blinding Lights singer. As of now, the prices of these items remain unknown.

If you’re eager to unlock The Weeknd’s red suit style and additional Festival Pass items, you have to opt for the “Paid” track. Bear in mind that the Festival Pass is different from the Battle Pass as it offers a tiered progression system with both free and premium tracks. The paid version will unlock other exclusive rewards as well.

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