Fortnite: Fortnitemares Cup PvE Tournament, All Details

Epic has announced a brand-new format for combat in its battle royale title, Fortnite. As part of the Horde Rush, a Fortnitemares Cup that features competitive mode, a new PvE tournament will be held for the first time ever in Fortnite.

While tournaments in Fortnite have had players face off against each other in teams or as individuals, the Fortnitemares Cup is a Players vs Enemy mode. In this, players will be facing AI enemies in the horde rush mode, battling as a squad.

The Cup is set to take place from the 23rd of October at 5 AM UTC until the 24th of October at 5 PM UTC.

You will not be able to participate solo and will need to be in a squad of four players. Similar to any Horde Rush mode, players will also find themselves in random sites where they will have to hold their ground as they battle wave after wave of cube monsters.

As players progress, the storm circle will begin to move across the map, requiring players to think on their toes and survive till the end.

Fortnitemares Cup

  • Players can compete in five matches of Horde Rush to earn as many points as possible. They can also compete with different teammates as many times as they would like.
  • There is no penalty, and every squad combination is considered separately. However, each player will only receive only one set of prizes, even if they qualify in more than one squad.
  • The points system will be such that players will score points in the Horde Rush events, which will be converted into Tournament points.
  • The total points that players score in all five matches will be used to determine their position on the leaderboards.
  • The rewards are Fortnitemares-themed in-game cosmetics, which will be awarded according to the points collected by players. The rewards are:
    • Loading Screen – 500 points
    • Feeling Wrathful Spray – 1000 points
    • Ghoul-d Game Emoticon – 2000 points

Players should note that it may take up to three weeks or more for the rewards to reach their accounts.

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