Fortnite: How to Get Ninja Marshmello and More

The Fortnite chapter 3 item shop brings in brand new Marshmello skins and additions to the Melloverse. One of the most notable is ninja Marshmello, called Marshinobi in-game. The outfit set comes in two styles, featuring the famed character in what seems to be his most anime attire so far. It also comes with the shockwave blade back bling and a similar shockwave blade pickaxe skin.

Get Your Marshmello On

Getting all the Marshmello and Melloverse skins is easy, provided you have the money to spend for them. The Marshinobi outfit set costs 1,600 V-bucks in the store.

Another outfit is Marsha, a female counterpart in the Melloverse. For 1,500 V-bucks, you get the skin and a Mella black bling.

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If you’re looking for more, other items will complete the set. The Melloverse has three outfits, three pickaxes, two emotes, two back bling, and a glider. Here are their names and prices in the store:

  • Mello Mallets Pickaxe with two styles: 800 v-bucks
  • Marshmello Outfit: 1,500 v-bucks
  • The Maximum Bounce emote: 500 v-bucks
  • Mello Rider Glider: 500 v-bucks
  • The Mello Glo pickaxe: 800 v-bucks
  • The Marsh Walk emote: 500 v-bucks
Image Courtesy of Epic Games
  • Two bundles get you most of the skins at a lower price, the first of which is the Marshmello Bundle. It has the Marshmello Skin, Marsh Walk, the Mello Rider, and Mello Mallets for 2,300 v-bucks.
  • The second bundle is the Melloverse which includes the Marshinobi skin set, the Marsha skin set, Mello Glo, and Maximum Bounce emote for 2,600 v-bucks.

Are you looking to get your next chicken dinner with style? Surviving and gunning as Marshmello is one way to go about it. Buy them while they’re available in the store.

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