Epic Games announced this week that a Fortnite x Uncharted partnership is underway. Some reports said that it would come ahead of the live-action film’s premiere.

Players who solved a puzzle earlier this week were gifted with a teaser featuring Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazier. These characters are from the Uncharted games and the upcoming film. No full launch schedules for these skins yet, and we’ve just seen the wearable skins so far. Once the collaboration is released, there will probably be more.

Uncharted Outfits

The trailer of the Uncharted crossover may be watched here. If you wish to solve the puzzle yourself and achieve the same result as other gamers, you can also visit the Fortnite page.

Image Courtesy of Fortnite via Youtube

To all Uncharted enthusiasts, we all know that the password to crack the code is sic parvis Magna. (SPOILER) LOL.

We’ve seen the Fortnite versions of Nathan and Chloe, along with some cinematic flair. These appearances include not only the movie versions of these characters, such as Tom Holland as Nathan Drake but also how they appeared in the original Uncharted games.

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Epic Games hasn’t confirmed all of the plans for these skins’ release. Based on the success of previous skins with alternate looks, we can expect to see movie versions of these cosmetics released. Players might also be able to unlock alternate video game styles or vice versa through challenges or other means.

Image Courtesy of Fortnite via Youtube

This collaboration would not be restricted to character skins. Pickaxes, back bling, and other cosmetics are usually seen accompanied by high-profile crossovers like this one. Expect to see them alongside these outfits once the collaboration is fully completed.

With the new Uncharted film coming out in less than a week, expect to see another TV advertisement or two before it hits theaters. In the run-up to the release, things like posters and trailers have been issued, with the film itself set to hit theaters on February 18th.

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